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#welivesocial 🙌🏻📲

Dear Dayre,


This is totally how I felt last night at Netccentric's 10th birthday bash when I was introduced to a new person and I found out that she was 15 years old.

WHAT THAT IS ALMOST HALF MY AGE 😱😱😱 And also that means her birth year was.. 2001 or something. Being born past 2000 is too foreign a concept for me….


#indenial #butimold

After busting out my fingers and doing a count, I realised that this is my 6th year together with Nuffnang, which truly makes me a dinosaur, it's almost embarrassing 😂

Time flies!! I can still remember the very first Nuffnang birthday bash that I attended five years ago and how in awe and shy I was to see so many online personalities right in front of me, larger than life!!

In a flash, it's been five years, and the social media scene has changed and grown so much.

That aside, it was a great time at yesterday's birthday bash, where I got to catch up with old-time friends, put a face to people I've been following online, kindle new friendships and even met with clients and customers!

Despite my jadedness I still do enjoy events lah hahaha there's genuine happiness especially when I get to meet all the people I like and don't get to see as often 😊 And make friends with nice people!

At least I know another dinosaur who's been with Nuffnang longer than me and that's @shiberty although she's still way younger than me 😂😂😂

YAY DINOSAURS! 🐊 (This crocodile emoticon shall suffice)

Everyone has been sharing their #welivesocial stories and moments online, and I feel like I don't know what I can write about my social media story that everyone else hasn't already talked about.

But I've got to admit that ever since the invention of dial-up internet in my early teens, the Internet (and thereafter the emergence of social media) has completely changed my life and right now, I'm living a life that I would have never imagined myself in a thousand years to be in!

From using my dial-up connection (anyone remembers that ear-splitting static sound you got on the line whenever you used it for Internet, as well as the massive phone bills?) for mIRC, followed by ICQ, MSN and surfing online forums as well as the first ever blogshops in the era of Agneselle and BonitoChico, my life is now dominated by the Internet and social media.

Who would have thought that I'd one day be running my own online store and blogging for a living?

I still feel very paiseh to label myself as an "influencer" or "blogger", because most of the time, I still very much feel like a nobody! I don't think I'm as popular or well-liked as many other amazing online personalities out there with a jaw-dropping amount of followers and sky-high engagement rates, which is why I'm truly grateful to Nuffnang for every single job and campaign I get through them. 😊

Speaking of social media, it not just gave me my jobs, but also SO many angels in my life! 😳

Many of you know that @evonnz and I are really good friends, but did you also know that we first got to know each other on an art forum online more than ten years ago? 🙊

Of course, we were just acquaintances then, and only struck up a friendship many years later when we found each other again online via our blogs and eventually attending events together and becoming fast friends both online and offline!

@trishaliang was just a random person to me until she commented on my Livejournal one day (was it shopping related?? LOL) and then one thing led to another and we added each other on MSN and started chatting online almost everyday!

She was still living in Australia while I was in Singapore, and we were only virtual friends for almost a year until I finally met her for the first time when she returned to Singapore many months after we first started chatting online!

I still remember how crazy we were over online shopping back then. We would camp together for launches and spend hours discussing over what to buy LOL 😂😂😂

For some reason we clicked really well and when we met for the first time, it wasn't awkward at all but felt like we'd known each other for ever! (Remember the pair of gold flats you gave me cos it couldn't fit you as well the cute mini set of skincare products? @trishaliang)

Thus we bonded over KOI honey green tea with aiyu and never looked back since! 🍻

Along the way, I introduced Evonne to Trish because of a mutual friend and yeah things just happened and now three of us are all really good friends!!

Serendipity at its best 😊

Let's not forget @jazreeltan and @joycesayshello, both of whom I met online too!

I remember how @jazreeltan and I first connected via Livejournal too, and eventually struck up an online friendship that then turned from online to offline as well 👭 I was a customer of Sensibar too and I think we've all grown so much over the years.

It's amazing how social media has given me so many platforms to meet and connect with kindred souls from all walks of life and somehow bring them all into my life!

Social media has given me so much, as well as brought me places, @stopthepretence is one of the many influencers I've gotten to know throughout the years at Nuffnang 😁 We travelled to Fiji together earlier this year and it was one of the funnest trips ever despite almost everyone coming down with some form of stomach flu (with Xinlin being the first 😂)

Although I'm not very close to these two ultra-talented songbirds Diya and Carrie, I'm so happy that I got to know them better through social media because they are such genuine and warm folks!

And yes that other dinosaur up there 👆🏻 @davienne was the one to discover me many years ago and who brought me into Nuffnang!! She's now the regional director at the company while I've gone though so many different talent managers that I can't keep count, that's the kind of history I have with Nuffnang!

Currently stuck with @mabelyeo who likes to call her talents all her babies but I feel like it's the other way round, this tiny and energetic girl is hardly qualified to call herself my mama, lol 😂 Thank you for putting up with all my shit because it sure ain't a bed of roses to manage us all!

This goes to all my ex-talent managers as well as the ad ops people too you all know who you are 😘 @iamselheng @ahmantha @thejadeflower @gilliansng to name a few!!

We really appreciate you all very much!

Just a small fraction of the huge Nuffnang family that I've had the good fortune to get to know over the years! 😁

@yeomabel @chrislovee @shiberty @SengkangBabies @stopthepretence @joycesayshello @bunbunmakeuptips @valerielim @evonnz

It's really cool how I've been able to meet new people and make friends even via Dayre, which by the way is one of my favourite social media platforms! 💕💕

Such as @doubleoxm who turned up in TVD apparel yesterday hehe it was really nice to meet you! 🙆🏻

I guess bad lighting makes for chioer pictures sometimes 😂😂😂

As for all the readers who read me but don't know me IRL (YET……)

Big hugs and kisses for being there for me when I'm happy or down, glad or sad! The power of social media can never be underestimated. You have no idea how much a short comment can cheer me up or make my day. I may not know what you look like beyond your profile photo or perhaps I don't even know of your existence because you're a silent reader, but if you're reading this, it means a lot to me and I couldn't ask for more 😊

And yay to Wednesday cos it's new arrivals on www.thevelvetdolls.sg!

You see how social media is so important to me yet again! I wouldn't be able to even spread the love for TVD without social media platforms 💕

Knowing that customers are happy shopping with us really warms my heart and inspires me to keep working hard for TVD 😊

This is one gorgeous dress that I immediately kept a piece for myself when I tried it on, the cutting is damn nice! Love the stretchy bandage top & crochet skirt ❤️

Cherri kept it too haha unfortunately we only have it in S & M at the moment!

Because I know everyone loves Shirtdresses on lazy days, here's another shirt dress for you to add to your collection! 🙊

I love the comfy fabric and it comes with a rope sash so you can style it differently too!!

This is great for the bigger ladies because we have up to size XL for this design!!

Basics with a twist are my favourite, and this top is so much love! 😍 The fabric is really thick and good! It's not too revealing at all but yet has a little bit of stylish chic with the twist detail 👌🏻

Black and grey are both easily matched with and go with just about any high-waisted bottom!!

Maxi dress 💕💕 For those days when you're feeling lazy and still wanna look pretty 💃🏼

Free-size but I recommend it for UK8-10!

Beat the heat with this breezy mini dress! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Fully lined so it's not sheer at all!

I kept the blue one for myself ❤️

And for the shirt-lovers!

This also comes in S to XL 🍻🍻🍻 It's ultra comfy and I really like nude colors this season, they're so understated and chic!

Elise Relaxed Pinafore is also back in a new color of Forest Green! 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

New arrivals coming in at 8.30PM!! 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻

Brunch today with my TVD girls @pohyeepenelopez and @hashyyusof because we're saying goodbye to PY!!

After almost three years of working at TVD, it's time for PY to move on to greener pastures! Can't believe it's been so long liao!


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