Bangkok 2016: Staying at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G


[ Staying at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G ]

If I had to sum up my stay at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G in one word, that word would be: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

We flew into Bangkok early on a Thursday morning and I woke up late in a flurry of panic because I was so tired, had just barely touching down a few hours earlier from Japan and I totally missed the alarm I set. Swear I’ve never got up and got ready so quickly in my entire life. Thankfully, I reached the airport in record time (barely repacked my luggage from Japan LOL) and all was good. Phew!!

Our short flight on Thai Airways was comfortable and nothing to complain about. After a 45-minutes drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport, we arrived at the very snazzy and stylish Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, at Silom!

“Located in the heart of Bangkok, one of Asia’s most vibrant and exciting cities, the 5-star Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is defined by cutting-edge design and a creative ambience. The chic Bangkok lifestyle hotel offers 469 all-white rooms with a hip minimalist style, contemporary comforts, and floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic views of the Bangkok skyline. 

With its finger on the city pulse, guests at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G can enjoy in-vogue gourmet dining experiences, sophisticated soirées, Bangkok conferences, seminars and business events, and glamourous weddings, all complemented by gracious Thai hospitality.”

[ Pullman Bangkok Hotel G Location & Map ]

Location-wise, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is a 5-7 minute walk away from the nearest BTS (Chong Nongsi BTS or Sala Daeng BTS) or if you’re feeling lazy, a taxi ride takes a minute or two to get you to the BTS! Siam BST is only three stops away, which isn’t far at all.

It may not be as convenient as say, staying in Pratunam area, but in terms of value and comfort, I’d say that Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is a great balance between accessibility, style and comfort, it’s way swankier than the hotels I’ve stayed in at Pratunam area, and also more affordable than other similarly stylish hotels like Sofitel So.

[Directions to Hotel ]

From Suvarnabhumi International Airport: 35km (45 mins drive)

Don Muang Airport: 37 km (45 mins drive)


188 Silom Road, Bangkok Thailand 10500t. 

+66 (0) 2238 1991

Nearest BTS: Chong Nongsi (5 mins walk)


First impressions of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G: Chic, trendy and very impeccably furnished with a vibrant and fun atmosphere!


Right at the lobby is an open concept gift shop: G Shop sells a variety of G merchandise, like cute mugs, t-shirts with quirky slogans and more.


This pop-up bakery space that transforms into a bar in the evening. Talk about multi-functional!


They call this desk the “Welcomer”, which is a fancy name for concierge. They are really friendly and helpful though! Evonne and I wanted to visit the nearest supermarket to buy Thai snacks and instant noodles back and a quick minute with our Welcomer got us on the way to TOPS supermarket, just a 6-minute walk away.


On the mezzanine is a lounge area called The Playground, and this is where we were welcomed with a refreshing fruit juice served in these upside-down light bulb glasses. Cute, huh? (I was very amused with the name tag of our serving staff: He was called Bomb. HAHA)


Eclectic decor makes up the bar area, I do like that touch of black with brick walls and woodsy accents.


And a nice view from which you can admire the lobby of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G.


The best part of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G though, has got to be their trendy and minimalistic all-white hotel rooms! Apart from being very Instagram-worthy, I love how the full-white decor makes the entire space look so spacious and airy. SO gorgeous!


At the same time, it’s still welcoming and cozy with wood grains in the floor panelling, warm yellow lights and a neutral-toned rug on the floor. I’m in LOVE!


Gorgeous bathroom area is also all white but with honeycomb tiles contrasted in black.


And a delightful bath tub that I happily soaked in every single day!


A little welcome surprise from Pullman Bangkok Hotel G. It’s the little things like this that really make the experience extra memorable.


Look at those little mango sticky rice bites! Mango sticky rice is a favourite of mine so I was elated to see these canapés. A very fitting welcome to my favourite Land of Smiles!


And these little yellow-bean filled fruit miniatures that are signature of Bangkok, thank you Pullman Bangkok Hotel G!!


[ Lunch at Mistral ]

Us starving souls were treated to an incredible buffet spread for lunch at Mistral, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G‘s stylish contemporary all-day dining restaurant.



The spread ranges from Thai to Asian and a huge range of international cuisine, which will leave you spoilt for choice!


I was particularly enamoured by the selection of sweet treats, don’t they look enticing?


Needless to say, we didn’t go hungry at all with so many choices available.


Comfort food is always asian: Order the noodle soup that’s prepared freshly on-the-spot!


I was pretty much ravenous after the long morning and tucked into my very delicious lunch promptly!


Also had some pasta cooked-to-order and it was surprisingly good, al dente and aromatic! I didn’t intend to, but I finished up this entire bowl of goodness.

It was a very satisfying lunch and honestly one of the better hotel buffet spreads I’ve had!


We went out to explore a little around the streets of Silom since we had the afternoon free.


Say hello to Beatrice and Evonne, my lovely travel companions!



One must always attempt street shots in Bangkok. It’s quite the challenge but Evonne rose up to the job magnificently, haha!

Denim Dress from TheVelvetDolls // Bag from BONIA // Espadrilles from Castaner


We ended up heading to a nearby 7-11 to check out the local snacks and stuff, which is secretly one of the things I really enjoy doing in a foreign country!


The team at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G brought us around the hotel for a quick tour before dinner time just to acquaint us better with the hotel.

Here’s the glamourous Ballroom 38 with shimmering gold finishes, chandeliers and a luxurious ambience! The full-length windows offers a beautiful panoramic view from Level 38 of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G!



Located on the 36th floor, The Gallery consists of four unique meeting rooms inspired by a New York art gallery.

Featuring works of local art which change every three months, modern minimalist design, comfortable furnishings and plenty of natural light, the rooms provide unique spaces for Bangkok meetings and are designed to stimulate creativity for a brainstorming session, exchange out-of-the-box ideas, or host an ice-breaking session with colleagues.

The current installation is a series of tongue-in-cheek illustrations about relationship woes by a young Thai artist and they were really cute!


Pullman Bangkok Hotel G also has executive rooms that are done up in a more traditional style with darker and richer earthy tones. These executive rooms also allow access to the more exclusive executive club lounge with special benefits.


I still prefer the bright and spacious look of the white-themed rooms, and the G Suite is drop-dead gorgeous with its contemporary and modern design!



Pretty amused by the “G Box”, which offers everything you need for a fun night in… From girlie cosmetics to other essentials 😉


The very sweet team at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G told us that they had one more special suite to show us…. and opened the door to reveal a surprise party that they especially planned for us! Awwww!!!


Drinks to get the party started!

We even had our very own personal DJ spinning for us!



And little snacks served cleverly on a framed artwork disguised as a platter. Cute!



With my fellow girlfriends 🙂

It was such an awesome evening! The fun-loving team at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G truly knows how to throw a mean party. A special thank you to Betty, Tarek and Thames especially for the warm hospitality!


[ Dinner at Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant ]

I was looking forward very much to dinner at Scarlett, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G’s well-known French fine dining restaurant located on the 37th floor of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G and with a stunning view!

At Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant, guests can choose to dine alfresco on the terrace or in air conditioned comfort in the stylish lounge bar. The restaurant offers tasty tapas, gourmet cheeses, dry-aged beef and charcuterie, succulent steaks, and much more, all complemented by an impressive wine list.


The interiors are lush and serene with faux greenery and warm ambient lighting, really perfect for a romantic and quiet dinner.



We were treated to a special tasting menu, and it was fantastic!


Started off with Scarlett Board – A lovely selection of cured meats and cheeses along with warm baked bread, can’t get any better than this.

I don’t take much cheese but I thoroughly enjoyed all the different kinds of cured meats and hams, they were so good with the bread that I had to stop myself so that I had space left for the rest of dinner!


Alaskan King Crab Salad was a refreshing concoction of fresh greens and chunks of crabmeat that we snatched up greedily!


Salmon Tartare – This was very fresh and tasted amazing, great texture and flavours!


Hokkaido Scallop – I was so blown away by these scallops!! They were the best scallops I’ve tasted, huge, tender and grilled to perfection while still retaining its moist and succulent texture. SO good!


La Quenelle – A dish of creamed fish dumplings that originated from Lyon, France. This was interesting though I found it too creamy and I had enough of it after one dumpling.


Olio Spaghetti never goes wrong! Great al dente texture and it was rich in flavour as well with generous ingredients.


The star of the night was the Dry-aged “Côte de Bœuf” that was served smoked with applewood.. How’s that for presentation?



Presentation aside, I absolutely enjoyed the beef with its beautiful charred flavour and texture. It was juicy and tender and just delicious!


We were also provided an entire rack of spiced/flavoured salts which was really fun to experiment with!


Our wonderful dinner was concluded with a platter of Assorted Desserts, special mention goes to those mini caneles that were so addictive as well as the chocolate lava cake! My stomach was full to bursting but the entire dinner was such a treat!

Apart from Scarlett Restaurant and Mistral, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G also houses 25 Degrees, a American-style burger bar that also serves a delectable all-day breakfast menu and is open 24 hours! I’ll share more about that in another entry, but needless to be said, I never went hungry for a moment while staying at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G.

By the way, just further down the street from Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is a nice and affordable spa called Dahra Beauty & Spa, where you can get wonderful Thai-style massages at just 400 baht (promotional price)! The best time to go is after a long day of shopping and walking about: You can book your last appointment there at around 11PM. I must have gone to Dahra about four times and it was so good each time! You should definitely try it too if you’re staying at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, it’s literally just a few steps away!

Will write more about my time in Bangkok in some upcoming entries, but meanwhile, you can book yourself a room at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G via Pullman Bangkok Hotel G’s website! Also, look out for a very exciting give-away that’s coming up: Follow me on my social media platforms below to stay in the loop!

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