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Being a big beauty junkie means that I’m pretty conscious of how I take care of myself, all over.. From head to toe!

I mean.. I try my best to doll up or even just look presentable most of the time, and I go to extreme efforts like spending hours getting my manicure painted on or my hair done. I’ve never paid attention to using feminine wash, until I discovered Lactacyd!

Apparently, only 4 out of 10 women in Singapore use a feminine wash regularly, and I’m guilty to admit that I belong to the 60% of women who’s never really paid attention as to how to take better care of my lady parts down under, oops.

Although I’m particular about cleanliness and shower twice a day usually (especially in our crazy hot weather of late!), I used to use soap and water all over, and that includes my nether region. Never realised that soap and water alone may not be enough for my V! In the same way that you need to use specialized facial products for your face, a woman’s V is more sensitive and can be easily irritated by harsher chemicals in body wash/soap.

I don’t know about you but I’ve experienced a stinging sensation before when using soap to lather all over, including my V, and it was so uncomfortable and painful!

Another problem that many ladies face but very few speak out about are vaginal infections which can sometimes turn very yucky and gross.. Sometimes it starts with just an unpleasant odor that’s bad enough as it is, but it can get even more serious than that if you don’t start taking care of your V properly! Not just that, it can be extremely uncomfortable and painful, and this may even disrupt your active lifestyle.

This is where Lactacyd comes in to save the day: Lactacyd has been the expert in feminine hygiene for the past 25 years and it is the number one brand in Singapore!

What is Lactacyd?

Lactacacyd is a pH balanced feminine wash specially formulated with milk essences to keep your V-zone fresh and clean! 

It is made from natural ingredients, lactic acid and lactose rum and is dermatologically tested safe and suitable for sensitive skin. Apart from protection from odour and irritation with everyday cleansing,  Lactacyd is also clinically proven to provide delicate care for our sensitive V!

Why should I use Lactacyd?

As I’ve mentioned, our V area is more delicate and sensitive compared to the skin on the rest of our body. Just like using shampoo for your hair and facial wash for your face, Lactacyd is the best product suited to keep your V clean and healthy!

If you’ve ever wondered why after a long day out, you find an unpleasant odor coming from down below, it is because sweat is not only produced where we can see it, it is also produced in the V zone, thus causing sometime strong or unpleasant odours. 

Unlike ordinary liquid soap that may destroy the natural acidic protective layer of your intimate area, Lactacyd helps maintain the natural pH of 5.2 of your intimate area., closer to that of a woman’s intimate area. There are 7 variants that caters for different needs, from beauty benefits; whitening and firming, after workout, for longer days, for menstruation, to after-grooming care.

Lactacyd Soft & Silky – Specially formulated with 10% extra milk moisturizer to nourish and smoothen. 

 Lactacyd White Intimate – For natural intimate/bikini area whitening. The first natural and safe whitening feminine wash, enriched with natural ingredients for maximum whitening effect in just 4 weeks. 

 Lactacyd All-Day Fresh – Lightly scented with extra herbal essences for long-lasting freshness. Feel fresh even after a workout! 

Lactacyd Cool & Fresh – Contains natural cooling and non-drying essences leaving a refreshing minty sensation.

Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene – For extra care days. For women who may experience pH imbalance as a result of daily activities and humidity. Keep itching, irritation and odor away with delicate care and protection.

 Lactacyd Revitalize – First-ever feminine wash with Vitamin E and collagen, which are known ingredients to enhance skin softness and firmness. 

My choice of Lactacyd is Lactacyd Revitalize for its Youth Reviving properties!

Lactacyd Revitalize has firming benefits that is specially formulated with Vitamin C and Collagen to help skin suppleness. Since I’m all about anti-aging right now before I hit the big 3-0, Lactacyd Revitalize is perfect for me! I really don’t want all my parts to get saggy HAHAHA and that includes skin around my V as well!!

Texture-wise, it feels just like any foaming body gel or texture, and has a light and fresh fragrance! It certainly feels gentler on my V as compared to the usual body gel.

To cleanse your V daily, just use warm water to rinse throughly before using a small amount of Lactacyd to gently lather up! It’s as simple as that!

I never realised the importance of a feminine wash until I read up on feminine hygiene and realised how important it is to keep your vaginal area fresh, clean and pH-balanced! There are a lot of interesting articles and infographics on Lactacyd’s website, so click on this if you’re curious to find out more!

All Lactacyd products help balance your pH level – however, Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene (that’s the red packaging on your right above!) is the most basic variant that is safe to use during menstruation or pregnancy.

I find the Lactacyd All-Day Care Wipes a great option too for the ladies who are on-the-go the entire day and may need a convenient way to freshen up down below!

If you’re now keen to try out Lactacyd for yourself, you can redeem yourself a free sample that will be sent right to your doorstep! While you’re at it, sign up for a V-Royalty account at the same time, you’ll be able to turn Lactacyd purchases into V-Points, and accumulate to redeem Lactacyd goodies! 😀

Special promotion for the month of August 2016!

Lactacyd will offer 25% off any 250ml single bottle at NTUC Fairprice between Aug 1, 2016, and Sept 30, 2016. There will be a 15 Days Money Back Guarantee, too!
* Terms & conditions applies

Log on to Lactacyd Facebook page for more details!

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