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Dear Dayre,

There are new entries on the blog!!
One on Pullman Bangkok Hotel G and one on Bynd Artisan (which you already read on Dayre previously)

Also, I've fixed the subscription button that allows you to get updates whenever I post new entries on my blog 💕

To subscribe to the feed, you can tap on "View Web Version" in your mobile browser and then key in your email and tap on subscribe to get updates via email! 😬

Let me know if it doesn't work okay!

New blog entries coming up:

So you might wanna hit on subscribe if you're going to those places soon!

The URL is: www.yinagoh.com!

I did a new watercolor illustration yesterday (looks like this hobby is coming back for abit!) and I decided to do one of Pikachu 💕 To commemorate the Pikachu that got away from me 😩😩😩

In my imagination, I would be best friends with Pikachu if it didn't run away from me 🙄

Here's the initial pencil sketch!

Of course I used reference to the original Pokemon drawing for Pikachu lah. Took me awhile to get the features right so that it doesn't look like imitation Pikachu hahahah 🙊

From my snapchat! Work-in-progress snaps. It took me around four hours to complete this illustration!


I'm not too good with watercolors but I tried to make the best out of it! Digital painting is a lot easier in the sense that you don't have to mix the colors you want plus there is an eraser tool LOL. But nothing beats working with real media when you can watch how the paint physically creates different color washes and effects!

Obviously obsessed over pinafores too haha I wore this again yesterday 👆🏻👆🏻 and good news is I managed to get backorders for this pinafore in both black and navy! Only ordered limited qty and stocks should arrive in 4-5 weeks time 😬

Join backorders on www.thevelvetdolls.sg!


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