Dear Dayre,

Here's a photo of my real life Pokemon Chewymon to chase away the Monday blues!

I scoured JJ market to find the Pets section (IT WAS A REAL CHALLENGE) and was so happy when we finally found all the cute doggie clothes and accessories and stuff! 😍

This cheap cheap rainbow stars bandana for Chewy was like 50 baht?

I also bought these very well-made doggie dresses (that comes with a detachable leash coz soooo cute!!!) for around 380-400 baht if I remember correctly.

That's around $15, which is a rather good price considering the workmanship and quality!

Cheaper doggie clothing can be found for 200 baht or so too. QQ looks like a princess in this dress 💕

My furbabies are really my happy pills! I go back to my home at least once or twice a week just to say hi to my parents (LOL) and then play with my furkids and enjoy their company.

Angsty about this Pikachu that I couldn't catch at Sentosa last night 😩 YZ caught it booooo.

But I finally found this cutie YAY!


Stupid #pokemongo so addictive, really waste my life 😂

Evonne, YZ, Ben and I were walking about Sentosa at 1am pokehunting you know?? Not sure why I ended up waking so early this morning when I only slept around 4am.

I've decided to only do it as a bonding activity so that there's some purpose to this game you know? #selfjustification Just like social smoking, I'm gonna be social pokehunting 😬

Before we embarked on pokehunting, I brought YZ to Sushi Goshin at Suntec City because I was craving their foie gras sushi so much!

Their aburi sushi is really pretty good for the price point!

We had
1 edamame
4 foie gras sushi
4 salmon aburi sushi
2 unagi sushi
2 hotate aburi sushi
1 spider maki
1 some kinda mayonnaise on top sushi
1 prawn & veggie tempura set with rice and fruits,
For $72 or so!

Ok lah, acceptable for Japanese food 👌🏻

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