Inconsiderate High-class Singaporeans

Dear Dayre,

Guess who's flying off to Japan in exactly 12 hours time!


Which one do y'all prefer 😍😍😍

Everyone says LEFT so LEFT it shall be! ✨

I was having a really good Saturday yesterday until something totally pissed me off at lunch. 😑😑😑

So yesterday I was having lunch at a neighbourhood kopitiam and there was a family at the table right next to mine (it was two rectangular tables that could sit four, next to each other).

Here is my view of next table where a family of three were seated.

The configuration was something like this.

Imagine the family of three in the midst of having a meal. They were nearly done when I sat down with my noodles right at the next table (the seat from which this photo was taken) and saw the following happen.

My FIL runs a noodle store at the kopitiam and there was an empty pot (from 小璗锅) at the empty spot where the family of three were seated next to my table. (That's the spot in red, where no one was seated at.)

FIL took the empty pot (as they bring it back to the stall to wash) and casually placed an empty glass mug down in that spot for the cleaners to clear. The auntie (mother of boy) immediately gave my FIL a dirty look and said in a very condescending and rude tone,

UNCLE, can't you see that we're eating? Can you don't put that empty mug there?

My FIL glanced over and said "well I just removed a wok from that spot and put a glass mug in its place" (because he felt that it didn't even affect the family of three in the first place it wasn't like it was a pristine spot there or anyone was seated there) and the auntie just said "NO NO DONT PUT ANYTHING ON MY TABLE CANT U SEE WE ARE EATING, IT'S VERY RUDE DONT YOU KNOW?"


FIL shut his mouth and removed the glass mug and simply walked off. I was still having my lunch and could hear the conversation between husband and wife as they said mean and rude things about how my FIL was crazy *husband gesticulated around his head* and how there are all kinds of Singaporeans around and all sorts of shit right in front of their child.

What infuriated me even more was that they were more or less done with their meal and left just a few minutes after the incident happened, and what's more, their child left a mess of rice on the chair he was seated on. YOU SO CONSIDERATE YOURSELF ISSIT?

SERIOUSLY?! You so high-class go to a freaking restaurant and eat lah. This is a coffeeshop! I wouldn't have minded if the auntie had been more polite and told my FIL in a nice way, but it was all in her scornful tone.

One empty coffee mug on an empty spot at your table will kill you is it? Or kill your high-class appetite?

I hate Singaporeans like this who think they are so uppity and high-class. Damn bloody self-entitled.

I mean I don't like it too if someone puts someone else's half-eaten left-behind mess on a table I'm at as well, but that woman and her husband were downright nasty about it.

It was just an empty coffee mug! And before the coffee mug was there, someone (probably the cleaner) already placed a small wok at that spot too.

I kept quiet and didn't kick up a fuss or confront her or tell her off only because my in-laws work there and it's not nice to create a scene when it is their professional working environment.

But I scowled to YZ and rolled my eyes so majorly that they nearly fell out of my head πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

And once they left, I shifted that entire tray/basketful of chopsticks from my table to right in the spot they left behind because I was feeling so δΈη”˜ζ„Ώ πŸ˜‚

It's a kopitiam, DEAL WITH IT.
Go and eat in some fancy restaurant if you're gonna bring your high-class attitude into a kopitiam.

OMG I was fuming but kept it inside me and swallowed the fire because I'm more high-class than her and her husband.


Ok, end of rant.
Glad it's not just me who feel angsty about the situation. Thanks for emphasizing with me!! πŸ™†πŸ»

Back to happy thoughts about Japan.

Bought those pretty rose gold Supergas πŸ’•πŸ‘Ÿ

Super pretty! 😍 Tho pairing them may need a bit of thought.

They should look good with solid neutral colors and denim!

Allowing myself a little splurge hehe πŸ™Š

Hope those pretty shoes will be a worth-while purchase!

And a something little for my trip: LUSH bubble bar!

This is the cheapest one at $10. The staff at LUSH also kindly gave me a sample of Oatifix mask and I intend to bring it along to use on my trip ☺️ It's great for dehydrated and dry skin like mine!

Feeling so lazy now but I need to pack and get everything in order for tonight's flight!

Including setting up my laptop and loading all the necessary software and backing up files in my HDD that I'll need to work on while I'm overseas.
*rolls around on bed*

Ok I have officially two hours to go before I go to the airport so no more rolling arounddddd go go go!

If you ladies (and maybe some men) are having a slow Sunday too, pop over to my blog for a read, I've started blogging about Fiji travels!


Link is
Spent a fair bit of time picking and editing frames as well as writing, hope y'all will enjoy it πŸ’•


Find me on snapchat @yinagoh to follow me on my journey!

Comfy airport outfit!

My denim dungarees from Zara, and a light-weight cardigan from Uniqlo to keep me warm on the plane.

I got this cardi from Uniqlo cos apparently it has UV Protection properties!!!

Already so damn tan from Fiji that any form of extra protection is great πŸ˜‚

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