Dear Dayre,

WHEEEE refreshed my hair style a little and decided to cut my fringe shorter this time 😊 And I also colored my hair a shade darker since I got so tan in Fiji 😭

Hair feeling all soft and nice after the double hair treatment at Salon Vim! Yay πŸ™ŒπŸ»

La Mer is launching two new products real soon, a new and improved Moisturizing Soft Lotion as well as a Micellar Water!

Their products may be pricey but they make my skin feel amazing 😍

Two products that I frequently use are the Renewal Oil and Perfecting Treatment, best combination for moisturized and glowy skin!

The new Moisturizing Soft Lotion feels incredible as well, it absorbs so well and leave my skin feeling so velvety soft. Excited to try using it with my other La Mer products!

The new Micellar Water looks really promising too, it comes with La Mer's signature miracle broth and removed makeup like a dream while leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated!

View from Level33 at Marina Bay!

Our cozy dinner setup.

We were served some very delicious Boston scallops and those strange looking things on top are… Sea grapes!! They taste a little like fish roe, has a burst-in-your-mouth kind of texture, how cute is that?

My Paris Lush beer cocktail had gold dust in it that shimmered and sparkled when you swirl it soooo pretty 😍

Thank you for hosting such a lovely dinner, La Mer! ❀️

So I downloaded this productivity app called Focus Tree LOL and it may well be the best $1.38 that I've spent on an app.

It's basically a super simple app that grows a tree once you tap on a button to activate it.

There's a timer to show you how long your tree has been growing for, and once you touch your phone to leave the app, your tree stops growing and the timer stops as well.

It's meant to deter you from getting distracted by your phone while working!

I've successfully worked for two hours without looking at my phone/getting distracted/browsing Facebook and Instagram this morning πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Here is the start screen.

Once you tap on that green button, a little plant starts growing and over the minutes, it turns into a tree.

It seems pretty silly but it does its job to keep me away from my phone while I'm working on my computer! πŸ™Š

Productivity 101 woohoooo!! All ready for TVD's new launch tonight at 8.30PM!

We've been taking a bit of a breather the past two weeks as seeing how it's the GSS and all, but yay highly-anticipated new arrivals will be launching tonight! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

You'd have seen some of these pieces in my previous posts, like the Bohemian Resort Pants 😍 Super comfy and chic!

Would recommend the sizing as below
S: UK6 to UK8
M: UK10 to UK12

I practically kept everything from this collection, including the Indiana Culottes Jumpsuit that I kept in this color.

It's really nice!

Cutting runs slightly smaller for this as the fabric is non-stretchy! I still fit in a size M but it's more snug than usual if you know what I mean.

I took awhile to decide which color to keep cos there are three colors and they're all very nice!

Settled on the red but the blue and white are all equally nice. 😍

@cherriwong had a hard time deciding which for keeps too hahaha πŸ˜‚

Perfect for beach vacay πŸ™Š

Our best-selling Alexa Denim Tee Dress is back in a different shade of Mid-Wash! The dark wash version will also be restocked tonight, if you don't yet own it, it's one of those crazy versatile dresses that you can throw on without a thought.

Dark wash looks like this on me! Am wearing a size M.

Still not over pinafores and dungarees yet and I really love this shade of khaki green!

This one is simple and easy-to-wear as well and I really like how casual and fun it is. I kept it too πŸ˜…

I like the pinafore paired with a black top as well! Color is more to olive green though, not as brown as it looks in this picture.

And FINALLYYYYY #dayrebrides, our maxi lengths for our tulle dresses will be launched tonight! 😍😍😍

These are a great alternative to our Midsummer's Night dresses as they are longer and look dressier!

Cherri is very tall (171cm) so the dresses don't look that long on her, but on regular folks like me (163cm) they are the perfect length to be worn about comfortably, around ankle-length I would say!

For our maxi lengths, I picked two darker shades, Wine, Navy and one lovely Seafoam shade!

Unless you're very tall lah like Cherri then it becomes a longer midi length instead hahaha is there a term for this πŸ™„

They don't just make good bridesmaid dresses, they are lovely for other occasions as well and definitely don't look too over-the-top with the simple and classic neckline and layers of tulle.

Love these gorgeous dresses 😍

I personally love how sophisticated the maxi length dresses are 😍

They will be a tad more expensive than our previous midi length dress but still very affordable!

This is how the length looks like on me by the way. I'm wearing flats!

@jazreeltan just shared some of her wedding photos with me 😍 Because her bridesmaids were the first few to don on our maxi tulle dress!

It's such a classy and elegant shade ❀️❀️❀️

And we made it in XS to XXL as per the previous tulle dresses! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Heh can't wait for the actual day photos from the photog, sure they are gonna be gorg!!



New arrivals coming your way on at 8.30PM tonight!


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