Dear Dayre,

It's back to the grind heh. Fiji updates gonna be starting on my blog! I'm actually really excited to be sharing more about this trip because it was really quite awesome.

More exciting news is that I'll be flying out to two more destinations this month (if all is confirmed!) and there'll be a lot more cool stuff to share!

Times like this I really appreciate my job. 😁

Because I'm SUPER excited to be flying to Japan again soon if all goes as planned! 😍

This is my last luxury bag purchase and I got this in Japan, April 2015! I bought it from a second-hand store in Shibuya and it was a really good buy at only about SGD1.5K ❤️❤️❤️

But because it's vintage, it wasn't in super good condition and I've been meaning to do something about it for the longest time.

So I finally brought it to Dr.Bags, who expertly cleaned and restored my baby with their Korean-technology professional cleaning!

It was a little worn and discolored but now it's so beautiful and sleek all thanks to Dr.Bags, which I highly recommend!

I've been sending my bags in to Dr.Bags ever since I first tried their services last year, and I'm a very happy customer especially after seeing all my precious babies come back to me looking good-as-new again!

I brought a few of my bags to them this time cos a lot of them are all quite dirty and grey liao 😭

So happy to have my beloved Chanel back in such good shape 😍

There's really no excuse not to take care of your prized bags, especially with Dr.Bags' GSS Promotion: Clean&Protect is now available at just $199 (U.P. $250), valid till 31st July!

And good news for DBS Woman's Cardholders, you get a special 10% off all cleaning services at Dr.Bags, including HP Coating and ColorPro Touchup services!

Check out the ongoing promotions at ☺️

I love vintage Chanels but because they are pre-loved, you can't expect them to be in mint condition!

This is the second vintage Chanel I've brought to Dr.Bags for cleaning and touch-up along with my other Celine/LV/Gucci bags and they've done a marvelous job with cleaning my bags 😍

I also did HP coating on some of my bags which makes them water-resistant and stain-resistant, very useful for bags you use frequently!

Not an ad, just doing a shout-out for them cuz they really took very good care of my bags 💕

Since most of these bags cost me a good four figure sum, I think it's worth-while to maintain them every once in awhile so that they last longer and in future I can even pass them on to my kids next time! (when I have any… HAHA)

I actually cannot bring myself to buy a brand new Chanel at <5K because very heart pain! Plus I love the vintage models cos they look so classic and timeless. They are also roomier and because they are pre-loved, I don't feel worried about carrying them and getting overly paranoid of getting scratches since the leather is no longer so puffy and pristine. If that makes any sense to you 😝

Check out the before/after!!

Sorry I don't have direct comparison pics cos I asked Dr.Bags to help me take photos but their photos were a little blurry so these are the best photos. 😂 You can tell what a big difference there is though! From the first "before" photo to the three "after" photos!

The corners of my bag were rather worn but with the touch-up services, all the worn parts were colored back into black and it looks in way better condition now ❤️

My other bags also all came back to me all clean and bright ✨✨ Dr.Bags is awesome!

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