Dear Dayre,

心血来潮. And I trimmed my fringe myself Hahahaha abit ugly but it's ok my hairstylist will save it the next time I visit salon vim.

It's a Saturday and I am at home after attending baby niece's birthday party!

It's rare for me to be home on a Saturday.

But it's not a bad thing at all 😎

I'm so happy I managed to edit and process all my BKK photos after four hours of staring at my computer screen!!!!

Looking good, there.

A total of almost 200 photos, I'm not sure how best to blog. Chronological order? Or perhaps event by event? Or I don't know…..

It's so hard to write travel posts for sure.

I still have really exciting Japan posts to share!

Oh and in case you haven't been following me on the blog lately, there's already three blog posts on Fiji, and some other updates ☺️

Tip: Click on "web version" if you're viewing it on mobile so all the content gets loaded onto one page!

Don't wait any longer, please go and get yourself acquainted with because there's gonna be lots of fresh new content coming right up…

There's another 3 or so Fiji updates to go, and Japan! And Bangkok!

Wanderlust bug sure is biting me hard.

I suppose it's a little selfish of me, but I am jumping at every opportunity to travel as much as possible before baby-making plans.

YZ is dying to have kids seriously.

But…. I just keep telling myself, just another year..? Until I hit 30..? And I'll start trying for kids for real 😁

Today at my little niece's birthday party, obviously every auntie and uncle was taking the opportunity to harass me about when I intend to have children.

Of course they are all well-intentioned, and I don't take any insult at it and just reply smilingly and say that perhaps next year. Though really it's not their business to begin with, lah.

My cousin who is a year older than me is pregnant with her third (!!!) baby!

It's a really happy thing and I'm definitely excited for her but I'm secretly glad my husband was not there today at the party to feel sorry for himself that he isn't a daddy yet 🙊

All in due time…. Okay?

I suppose a part of me isn't quite ready yet for the responsibility of being a parent, I am very much a carefree and careless young girl at heart and I worry that I will not be able to be a good parent.

Also have worries about the finances and other practical aspects of having a baby.

I do think that YZ will make a good daddy though, he adores kids and has a great bond with his niece and nephew.

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