Fiji #0 – Flight aboard Fiji Airways

Dear Dayre,

Reporting live from 📍Fiji!

When I mentioned that I was headed to Fiji, many people gave me confused looks and asked "Is Fiji in Japan?"

Think they were thinking of Mount Fuji hahaha but it's actually the other one: you know, Fiji Water?

Fiji is an island country situated quite need to Australia and is touted as a more untouched Maldives, 10 hours away from Singapore!

There is now a direct flight from Singapore to Fiji via Fiji Airways and we were very fortunate to be flown via business class 😍😍😍


The seat recline like nobody's business serious! Our ten hour flight totally didn't feel like ten hours at all and I had a super comfortable flight.

Our pre-flight cocktail teehee, perks of business class!

Fiji Water is an expensive commodity in Singapore but it's like Dasani Water in Fiji wtf hahaha everywhere serves Fiji Water including Fiji Airways (but of course….)

Business class is seriously 😍

This is only my second time ever in business class hahaha and it was SHIOK DAOOOOOO.

Some crabmeat pastry kinda canapés served before our meal and it was really good 👌🏻

And ribeye steak for in-flight meal, yes pleaseeeeee!

It was pretty good too!

Us commoners in Economy Class don't usually get to experience this kind of luxury ✨✨✨

Chocolate mousse cheesecake!

Just so decadent….. ❤️

The crew aboard Fiji Airways is 100% Fijian and many of them have been flying for years!! They are all very very friendly and warm, the service was excellent!

Guess who got a photo taken with the pilots and crew!!

Never felt so good after such a long flight really. It was a really good flight!

So cute, we had a welcome committee seranade us with ukulele and guitar at 2am in the morning! 😂😂😂

And yay checked into our first resort, Radisson Blu!

It was almost 4 or 5am by the time we got into bed. I had a soak in the bath tub to unwind and had a great sleep!!

Yayyyyy to the sight of beds!

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