Dear Dayre,

After two months of grueling week on week of competition, we are finally here at the last lap of HMS: 2 out of us Top 4 will sing at the Grand Finals live, to compete for top place! I really can't believe that I managed to make it to this stage.. It's so tough because two out of us four will be sent home tonight and I know it's not gonna be an easy fight.

After watching my very last recording/performance as well as listen to the comments from the judges, I was really quite demoralized lah.

It's been really challenging every round, but this round was also made additionally harder with the whole "mash-up" fast song and slow song thingy.

我肯定擅长唱慢歌多过快歌, but I really tried to make the best out of it.

My mash-up involved a lot of funky stuff like sudden key changes and tempo changes, and on the whole I was very happy I didn't screw it up already.

I felt that I definitely went out of my comfort zone in last week's performance, and tried to bring something new instead of just doing the same old.

I attempted to sing up my slow song into a an up-tempo one, and my fast song into a slow song! But for some reason I guess one of the judges got confused and was picking on why I always sing slow songs and chose two slow songs to sing this round etc etc.


Out of four judges, I had two not-so-good comments, one moderately okay comment, and one pretty good comment.

Which is major sian sigh. Seems like all the effort and heart I tried to put into my last performance didn't quite impress some of the judges 😭

Am I just not good enough or what. Not that im think I'm so good but… I just needed some encouragement/positive comments from the judges to acknowledge my effort a little you know what I mean?

All the other three contestants have been doing well and they are all really amazing singers in their own styles and genres.

I can't help but feel that maybe I'm just not up to cut or somehow I'm not the kind of singer that they're looking for.

I think I just can't get over some of the negative comments from the judges because I really did try to do something different this time but it wasn't appreciated. It's quite a lousy feeling.

Trying not to feel too affected by the judge comments but I was so so so happy that SZY (one of the judges) thought that I did well in presenting my two songs. At least one judge appreciated and saw it, and I'm so grateful to him for making me feel a tiny bit better.

I'm not ready to give up!

Please help me and lend me your support by voting for me FOR THE LAST TIME LIAOOOO 🙏🏻

To be able to get into the Top 2 will be like a dream come true! I've tried so hard and put in so much work every week to try to improve and advance on, but your votes are ultra crucial as to whether I can make it through to the Finals!

I still remember taking part in the auditions nearly two months ago and nearly expiring out of nervousness! I think I wrote quite a lot on Dayre under #hearmesing haha.

Feels like yesterday and yet it feels like a lifetime ago 😂

And look, the two Goh sisters that I made friends with right from audition day! Wow, can't believe that three of us are now in Top 4 and fighting to get to Top 2 already 😱

It's truly been a ride!

I've really learnt a lot from this competition though. I think I'm better at performing now and I've improved in various aspects of singing. You need an incredible amount of focus to be able to perform a song with so little prep time and it's really not easy every week.

Our first time getting a makeover for the Top 16 contestants!

Of which 12 have already been eliminated wow. Week after week of eliminations, it doesn't feel as scary but now there's only 4 out of 16 left.

The mental, physical and emotional toll is real every week.

The week that I got eliminated and revived from Top 6 was a super stressful week.

But somehow managed to pull through with all you amazing folks who rallied for votes for me and got me revived and put me back in the running!! By asking your friends and family to vote, and voting with multiple email addresses etc!

I was so scared I would be eliminated again in the following round wtf. Would have been sad because everyone put in so much effort to get me back in. But thank god I made it to Top 4!

Being in Top 4 was really fun because we got to go around performing and showcasing ourselves!

And for a couple of weeks, the pressure was eased up because the competition was put on hold.

I learnt how to stand on stage and present myself better as a performer, though I still need a lot work!

Glad that the Top 4 journey is with these three girls though. We get along well and that makes everything a lot easier.

Every single vote is a spark of hope for me to fulfill my dream and it means so much to me! WITH YOUR EFFORT, I may be able to stand on the Grand Finals stage and fight for first place! 💪🏻

It's the very LAST time I'm gonna be annoying you to vote for me.. So please support my dream and support me with your vote at 🙏🏻

40% votes really makes a BIG difference. Please help me vote?

Fighting fighting!!!!!

I cut my hair shorter. Haha.

Hello dear all!! My round 7 video is up!

And also I've been eliminated.. Didn't make it to Top 2!

But I'm happy enough really. No tears and no sadness just maybe a bit of regret that I have to leave this stage!

I just wanted to say a big fat thank you to everyone who put in lots and lots of effort to vote for me and pull votes for me!!!

You all don't know how much it warms my heart to have your support 🙆🏻💕 I'm sorry to have disappointed you! 😞

Like I said, making it to Top 4 has already been pretty incredible already!

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