Dear Dayre,

It's new arrivals day on TVD whoop whoop!!! A small but very very pretty collection coming to you later at 8.30PM on!

I'm pretty in love with this dress. Cambridge Boat-Neck Dress comes in three colors!

Love the fabric. It has the most subtle grid details and looks ultra expensive and nice.

This is Steel Blue color!

The sleeves end at the elbow and has a little cuff. So nice the detail!

Blush Pink is @cherriwong's pick! So gorgeoussss πŸ’•

Last color is Dove Grey, which is really classy and pretty. Nice horrrr!

The fabric is really nice.

I'm so keeping this top hohoho. And I named it Fiji Off-Shoulder Top cos I'm saving it for my Fiji trip! πŸ™Š

This is a very unique shade of Jade Green! It's slighter darker IRL tho, a bit over exposed in the studio photos.

Classic white. White boho tops don't go wrong!

I love how it looks with denim shorts. Very simple and chic look 😻

And of course, black!

The balloon sleeves are love 😻

Are you a fan of our Julia Tie-Sash Dress?

Well, we've got two new colors for you cos we love love love this design so much!!

And these two colors just happen to be the Pantone colors of the year so nice!

This is Rose Quartz, super feminine and sweet.

And Sky Blue!

@cherriwong says this will make a very nice bridesmaid dress and actually I think she's right. So pretty and flowy this dress.

I love it that the sash can be tied in different ways for different looks!

All the above designs come in sizes S, M and L! ✨

Also, good newssss we have restocked our Abigail Pinafore Dress in both Blue and Black and you'll be able to get them tonight on TVD as well! πŸ’•

New arrivals 8.30PM on! ✨

Thank you for all the likes and funny comments on my HIMMH post! πŸ˜‚ Didn't expect the post to be so popular hahaa.

I'll reply to the comments later once I'm free 😘

It's so funny cos I showed YZ the post and told him to read it.

He read it twice and he kept laughing while he was reading it lolol. Told him he's being severely judged for his ah-beng-ness. πŸ™Š

I will write more next time!

Very excited right now because I'm about to go for food tasting with YZ.

We are going for a Pizza Hut food tasting and I CANT WAIT TO EAT PIZZAAAAAA πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

I love pizza haha!

And Pizza Hut is like the pizza of my childhood. Hawaiian is my favourite. I'm very old-school like that.

Here's my ah-beng husband.

I've already banned him from wearing pink shirts with three buttons open already. πŸ˜‚

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