Dear Dayre,

The time is drawing near 😫

One and a half hours more to the end of voting for today.

I feel like I maxed out almost all my resources to try my best to get votes liao 那个脸皮已经厚到~~~

I really laughed out loud when I saw this AIYO daddy so cute one lol I think YZ helped him do this haha!

YZ also texted his address book contacts to try to help me hustle for more votes today. 😻 Heartwarming much.

Here's my cutie pie Chewy helping me hustle for votes on Snapchat by simply looking cute 😂


I don't believe it but omggggggg I'm in Top 4?!!!

Thank you thank you to everyone that helped me out and voted for me!!!!


I can't believe it.

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