Ionto & Genesis X Skin Facial Masks: My DIY facial treatment at home!

So it’s been super busy lately and I can’t remember the last time I had a facial done… Really. Could have been some time last year, maybe? I personally do love facials and how pampering they are, but when work and other commitments get in the way, opportunities to take a couple hours off just to get a facial done are so hard to come by!

I’m sure a lot of women face the same struggles as I do when you’ve got so much to handle on your plate. We all want to look beautiful, but our fast-paced lifestyle don’t always allow for the luxuries of facial therapy!

I have a little secret to share: Here’s how I’ve been taking care of my skin at home, with Ionto and Genesis X Skin Facial Masks!


Yes, this interesting-looking device has been a total godsend that has allowed me to experience the benefits of transformative skin care techniques used in facial spas, now in the comfort of my own home and at my own convenience! Yup, it’s truly Beauty meets Convenience!


Introducing Ionto and Genesis X Skin Facial Masks: my easy-to-use duo for youthful and healthy skin!


Let me explain a bit more about Ionto!

[ Ionto and Iontophoresis ]

This small and handy hand-held device works via a process known as Iontophoresis

As our skin acts as a natural barrier against external substances, it limits the level of absorption of our skin care products. With Ionto, the process of iontophoresis is used to boost the penetration of skin care ingredients deep beyond the epidermis

Iontophoresis uses micro-current to deliver skincare ingredients deeper into the skin layers through the repulsive effects between the skin care ingredients and Ionto. It effectively overcomes skin impedance, allowing skin care products to be fully absorbed, producing more efficient and effective results!


This means that even when you use advanced facial masks like Genesis X Skin’s Masks that contain high concentrations of Growth Factors and Peptides, you’re not getting the most out of them without a device like Ionto, that helps to boost absorption and skin care efficacy.


Thus, the combination of Ionto and Genesis X Skin Facial Masks is the best way to provide effective skincare results, and allow you to experience facial therapy care, anywhere, anytime!


There are a few different Genesis X Skin’s Masks available, and I chose to go for Blossom, which is anti-aging, lifting and soothing! Blossom refreshes and rejuvenates skin cells for a youthful, revitalised skin, sounds perfect for me 🙂

[ Genesis X Skin’s Masks ]

Formulated in the laboratories in Korea, Genesis X Skin’s Masks masks are state-of-the-art skin science designed by professional scientist. Each mask range is specially formulated to target specific skin areas and symptoms, to deliver the best result for your skin needs. The powerful bioactive ingredients in Genesis X Skin’s Masks softens and minimises the appearance of skin aging.

1.  Growth Factors

Growth Factors are what we call “coding cells” that act as signalling molecules between cells, stimulating cellular proliferation and differentiation. They are proteins that promote cell growth and can stimulate cell division in many different cells or just a particular cell-type.

2.  Biomimetic Peptides

Peptides provide excellent anti-oxidative effect and are bioactive ingredients that enhance efficacy. Each masks has different formulated peptides to target the specific area and symptoms of our skin.

[ How to use Ionto and Genesis X Skin’s Masks ]


After cleansing your face, just simply apply Genesis X Skin‘s mask on your face, just like you would for any regular facial mask!


And here comes the interesting part: Using Ionto to give yourself a relaxing massage for the best skincare absorption!

With the facial mask on, use Ionto to gently massage your cheeks from inside out, gliding from the chin area up towards your ears. 

It’s an interesting sensation because you can feel Ionto vibrating as you glide it on your face: This micro-vibration therapy actually increases blood circulation and decreases fluid retention. Ionto vibrates at 166Hz (10,000 vibrations per minute), deeply massaging your skin aiding in lymphatic drainage that increases the skin metabolism rate.


Using Ionto to massage along fine lines and wrinkles will boost skin resilience and lessen the appearance of saggy skin too! It is safe and gentle enough to be used on sensitive areas around the eyes where fine lines and wrinkles are more prone to form.


Of course, prolonged use of Ionto together with Genesis X Skin’s Masks will not only help you attain the skin tone and complexion you desire but it can also tighten, firm and lift saggy skin! I especially like to concentrate on massaging along my laugh lines to help reduce them.

After gently massaging your face with Ionto for about 5-10 minutes, you can then remove the facial mask and continue using Ionto on your face until the residual skincare products have been thoroughly absorbed into your skin!


I actually surprisingly really enjoy using Ionto because I do feel the immediate effects of Ionto and Genesis X Skin Facial Masks, my skin feels more supple and revitalised for sure!

It’s really very convenient and easy-to-use, and offers great results at the fraction of a price as compared to doing facial therapy!


With Ionto and Genesis X Skin Facial Masks  your skin can now fully absorb beneficial nutrients as Ionto enhances the penetration of skin care ingredients deep beneath the skin.

Ionto and Genesis X Skin Facial Masks can be purchased from Genesis X Skin’s online shop and website!

Ionto (Single Product): $128
Blossom/Radiance/Perfection Masks: $60 – 6 sheets/box

If you purchase the bundled package of Product Ionto + any Mask Box together, it will cost $180 instead so you save a bit more!

Happy to share that Genesis X is offering a 10% discount off any of the bundled products especially for my readers. Quote “YinaXGenesis” to enjoy the 10% off!! 🙂 I really think these products are a godsend especially for all the busy women out there, you gotta give them a try!

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