Dear Dayre,

Just ended photoshoot 😲 Had a delayed shoot this week so launch is gonna be Wednesday (technically today)!

Always a great time shooting with @cherriwong and Nic πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ»

Except it's always a race against time haha to shoot finish all the outfits planned in time 😩

Love the hair and makeup Zann did for Cherri today too!! Been wanting to do a braided hairstyle for the longest time and it looks really good~~~

Lol at fan hahaha but the effect really got leh!

Need to go back home now to edit photos πŸ’ͺ🏻 The blue backdrop makes a nice change though!

Let me do my 拉η₯¨ thing first:

Hello my dear friends!! My fate rests in your hands 😭 I need your help to vote for me at once again!

4 contestants out of 12 will be going home this week and your vote (or votes hahaha) are very very important to keep me in the running because the voting accounts for 40% of total score!

PLEASE vote for me and vote again if you have more than one email address πŸ˜… With your help, hopefully I can make it through to the Top 8 and keep this dream alive! 谒谒你们!!! ❀️ Super appreciate the support! Voting closes tmr Wednesday 6pm so please lend me your help πŸ™†πŸ» THANK YOU SO MUCH!

If you all wanna help more, please feel free to help me circulate to your close friends and colleagues/group chats or whatever hahaha this is very thick-skinned but I AM LEFT WITH NO CHOICE.

Unless I want to go home this week 😩

I super love this pinafore that's gonna be launched tonight! Both Cherri and I kept it hehe.

You can match it with any of your own top inside and I think it looks damn cute with a plain high-neck top or a cotton shirt!

It comes in Navy and Black ❀️

This really cute crochet panel blouse will also be available tonight. Keeping it too cos it's a comfortable and basic blouse lah, good for the hot weather….

Why is the weather so so so hot 😲

Nude undergarments are good enough for this blouse! Don't need to wear any inner piece or what.

One of Cherri's favs is this pleated hem dress. It comes with pockets too πŸ‘ŒπŸ» It's a lovely shade of nude pink and the cutting is very nice! Easy to wear and so adorable.

I'm keeping this A-line skirt in Olive 😍 This color is trending now and I love it lah! So understated kind of chic ❀️

Maybe I'll wear this out today πŸ™Š

The skirt also comes in Black and Camel and all three colors are so nice. It's hard to decide.

Nice right?!!


Oh oh this one is a must-get for the lazy dressers (like me sometimes πŸ˜‚) Tshirt dress!! The fabric is a woven twill blend and is slightly structured and very comfortable!!

Plus it comes in four sizes, XS-L 😁 Cherri is wearing S! No prizes for guessing that I kept this too I always need lazy day clothes that I can just lup on and get out of the house πŸ‘πŸ»

I wore this for this round's recording cos wanna act young hahaha

1.5h more to the end of today's voting period…!

If you have some time to spare, please help me cast a vote too at ✨✨

I will be going down for the results announcement at 7.15PM 😧

At MM2 office now results coming out soooooon πŸ™„

This is Ben! One of the friends I already knew before this thing started. It's always awesome to have friends in the same thing as you cuz if not its lonely.


OMG share more later rushing to catc an event now!

Oh ya forgot to mention we managed to restock some items from BO extras and all that!

Including: Coachella Shoe-Lace Blouse in White and Black, and Julia Tie-Sash Dress in Navy, Grey, White Grids and Navy Grids!!

Ok was rushing to Longchamp's opening event earlier at MBS so I was tied up for abit! Event over now and I missed Alexa Chung at the event coz I came too late 😭

But anyway. I'm into the Top 8!!!

OMG… It was a pretty scary elimination round today because having four contestants eliminated is just… Too many?! 4/12 is like 30% of the entire bunch πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

As you know, judging scores for 60% and votes for 40%.. I don't think I did that well this time because my judge comments were negative.

A lot of the contestants did quite ok I felt with some of them who didn't perform as well in previous rounds doing better in this round.

Some contestants made more major mistakes with lyrics or even missing the cue to sing for which you will be majorly marked down for I think πŸ˜–

I made one error with my lyrics which was quite obvious to me, but apart from that, I felt my entire performance was average. My pitching was tending sharp and you could hear my breathing wasn't settled well.

If you ask me to rate my performance against the other 12 contestants, I definitely felt that I had the possibility of being in the bottom 4. Though of course I'm not sure what the judging criteria is like and all that lah..

Each judge always has got things to say about every contestant and undeniably even if you did well there will be mistakes to pinpoint?

In fact even if you choose a "safer" or simpler song to sing, it doesn't mean you will do better because one of the judge commented that a contestant picked a song that was way too easy to sing while everyone was upping their game.

So I suppose this means even if you pick a simple song and do it well, you might not score points for it either..?

I guess it's really hard to know how we are individually scored just based on hearing the judges comments alone, but I believe that this time round, the voting REALLY made a difference for the contestants who didn't do too badly but didn't do extremely well either.

I say so because one contestant made a pretty big mistake and despite his votes being the highest, he got eliminated today. πŸ˜–

And then some other contestants whom I felt didn't have any major problems, got eliminated too??!

Another contestant tho didn't do so well for his song, but his votes were quite high and I think that potentially saved him too 😳

My friend Ben got eliminated when I felt that he sang well!! He did commit one lyric error but it didn't really affect the flow of the performance to me and I thought it was really a pity that he got eliminated. ☹️

Hope that Ben comes back in the revival round because he can really sing and I think it's a pity if he can't be back!

Yeah, apparently there's a revival round where two eliminated contestants get to come back into the game. There will be a special round of voting for these contestants and the top 2 with the highest scores will be "revived"!

Happily, the four of us girls (it was 4 girls and 8 guys before FOUR guys got eliminated today…) all managed to survive today's elimination round so it's currently 4 girls vs 4 guys in the Top 8! πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ»

I'm really grateful that I still have the chance to carry on this journey because it has been super enriching and I wouldn't want to leave so soon despite the stress and pressure from this competition.

So here is a big fat THANK YOUUUUU for voting for me/rallying votes for me because I'm very sure the votes played a huge part to keep me in the show and allow me to successfully get to Top 8!!!


Thank you and you and you and you 😭

My round 3 video is on YouTube already and like I said I personally feel that I could have a done a better job. It's frustrating that every week I always feel dissatisfied with my performance but I really hope that one day I can leave the recording studio knowing that I gave it my best shot and really did it to the best of my ability.

I just hope to be able to improve in my own way because it's apparent that every contestant in this show are all very strong in their own ways and have great voices.

I personally don't feel that my voice is any special or outstanding in terms of my vocal quality or my singing style.

I'm not versatile enough either and I guess my one strong point is that I have a strong higher register with a bit of power.

I'm still struggling to get the best out of my voice but like I said before every one has got their own unique voice as well as their strengths and weaknesses. You just need to figure out how best to sing to your strengths and not reveal your flaws.

Nonetheless, I'm not really after the grand prize of the big win, though that would be crazy awesome, but just the experience of being able to work with all the awesome people on this show. From the mentors to the judges to the musicians to the production crew and the other contestants!


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