Dear Dayre,

Don't you just love Facebook memories? Apparently 8 years ago yesterday @evonnz and I made friends on Facebook 😂

I think that was just before I started blogging (checked my livejournal blog and my first blog entry is dated 10 August 2009)

Wow August 2009 is almost 8 years ago wtf.

And this is a collage from my first blog entry! 😂 Good old days. Wonder how many of those Livejournal friends and readers are still around reading my Dayre today? 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

Hard to believe it's been 8 years since I started my blog. Tho now it has been much evolved into several different social media platforms. I think Dayre is the closest platform to what my Livejournal blog was 😚

The cool thing about having kept a blog for 8 years is that… WOAH looking back at old photos it's truly amazing to see how different I looked 😂

This was when I was 18 or 19 😑 Really is… 一个 awkward looking.

And this super horrible photo of my secondary school prom night in which I look about 46 years old instead of 16 wtf… Totally forgot all these photos existed until I rediscovered them on my blog.

As you can see I have always had skinny calves even when I was fat 😂 Genetic blessing.

Kids nowadays are so much more fashion-conscious and trendier 😂 Lucky them.

Here's a photo of @evonnz and I when we re-connected about… Four or five years ago? Before I had my braces done!

Also she looks like one kind typical Ah Lian hahaha!

Anyways, if you girls are free this Saturday, come and join @evonnz and I at Kenzo's Flower In The Air Eau Florale party on 21 May (2-4pm) at Vivocity!

There's gonna be a fun All Over Flowers photobooth and you'll be treated to a door gift worth $50!

Email to with your name and contact details to RSVP! Selected participants will receive a confirmation email 🙂

It's a super nice fragrance! I love the floral scent that's so feminine and distinctive 😍

Both Evonne and I will be at the event so come come and say hi and play photobooth with us hehe. 😊 Will be really happy to see you girls there! Looking forward to it ❤️

This car was designed specially to commemorate the launch of Flower by Kenzo 16 years ago 🌺🌺🌺

If you haven't done so, get in with the #poppyinvasion and spot the FlowerByKenzo car to win up to $1000 worth of prizes from Kenzo!
Here's how to take part:
1. Snap a photo of the car and post it on Instagram.
2. Make sure to hashtag #flowerbykenzosg to enter the contest.
3. Garner votes from your friends and followers since the 3 photos with the most likes will win these prizes!

Top prize: Kenzo hamper worth $600 and Kenzo clutch worth $400

Second prize: Kenzo hamper worth $600

Third prize: Kenzo hamper worth $400

Terms & Conditions: You have to be residing in Singapore, 18 years and above and keep your profile public to enter the contest. Contest ends 25 May and winners will be notified via DM on IG.

It's quite easy to spot Poppy LOL the car damn outstanding. @evonnz is frequently at Prinsep Street and ION level 5 carpark 🙊

The contest ends 25 May so quickkkkk!

This is me yesterday before I got my hair color refreshed at Salon Vim!

My hair length is so irritating now. It's too long to be short and too short to be long. I'm thinking if I should grow it out or just snip off an inch and a half so that it can be properly short. Yknow what I mean?

Brows just got touched up at Browhaus because I have another 12 sessions package left. I super love my brows neat and clean 😍

In the process of getting a different hair color….

Bleach bleach bleach!

Actually, just a little bit only. I don't dare to bleach too much hahaha I like to keep my hair in natural condition and texture lol.

After sitting at Vim the entire afternoon…..

TADAAAAAAAA ok it's so not obvious here but I now have babylights aka baby highlights 😂 in ash blue and pink!!

It's a lot more obvious under sunlight I need to take a better picture of it.

Can see a bit a bit here.

Promise to take a better picture when I have time maybe tomorrow I ask @evonnz help me take 😂

So anyway. Round 4 of HMS has been released on Starhub Go today and so have the judges comments.

The comments are all quite harsh this time round, guess the judges are stepping their game up as we advance in week after week.

As for my performance, much to be desired. I was really so nervous that my pitching went all over the recording studio in the front part of the song. 飘音飘到~~~~~~~~

Can't believe this is the 4th round and I still cannot get a grip on the stage fright. FML 😭

I wish I could just tell my brain to relax and sing properly man.

My judge comments were quite meh:
太安全的歌, 没什么突破

是有点失望 ☹️ I don't feel like my performance has improved much over the past few weeks. It's quite disheartening really.

It's so much to cope with. The ironic thing is this competition is not even damn big-scale yknow what I mean. 又不是什么星光大道/中国好声音?! But the pressure to perform is real man.

Competitions are meant to be brutal, I know. But it seems like I'm stuck and inadvertently facing the notorious 比赛 "撞墙期" in which the pressure to do well is just building up and causing a reverse effect and affecting my performance instead.

I need to let go of the fear and pressure. Put down my expectations and just step in there to try to enjoy myself somehow?!!

But I think it's not happening this week.

Even if I get into the next round tomorrow night (AKA top 6), the next round is gonna be shit too because the recording has been brought forward to Friday.

And worse still, the production team has decided to change up the game for the next elimination round and instead of being able to pick our own songs, all the contestants have been asked to pick a song to be thrown into a blind lucky draw, after which we will be assigned to sing whichever randomized song we get.

Seriously FML.

I already have so much trouble trying to perform a song I am familiar with under competition circumstances. I don't know how I'm going to handle a random song thrown at me to be learnt in like, ONE DAY (results out Wednesday night, recording on Friday).

And if I kena a song that I REALLY REALLY cannot sing well. I think that's it liao.

This is gonna be the make or break round.

I guess maybe I don't even deserve to be into the top 8/advance to top 6 because I honestly think my performances have been very lackluster. I'm not even surprised at the amount of dislikes on my videos thus far because they really are not good enough.

Even Round 4's song (that I thought I could do better because I was more familiar with it) isn't really that great.

Sorry I keep whining about this on Dayre 😭 It's just very frustrating.. That after so many years of singing, I still can't deal.

Whatever it is, I'm still very grateful for the past four weeks and everything that I've experienced. To be able to take my hobby one step further and take part in this competition is already more than I could ask for. Especially getting to work with Jim and Eric our mentors. I respect and look up to them so so so much and I was really overjoyed to be able to have the past few sessions with them.

As usual, voting for this week has opened and you can vote for me at the following page:

Thankful to all of you that's been lending me your support and taking the effort to cast your votes for me 😭 Seriously you guys are the best.

My parents have been surprisingly supportive about HMS though? Which really gave me a pleasant surprise because my pragmatic dad has always maintained that "没有赚钱的东西, 不要浪费时间” stance and he has never really been openly supportive of this hobby of mine.

In fact, every Wednesday night he calls me to ask me about the results hahaha! And then he'll call me on random days to tell me to come home because he bought green coconut (to reduce heatiness) for me/drink birds nest soup that mum cooked.

Last Saturday, he happened to call before my turn for recording and when I told him I was at the studio waiting to record my round, he even asked me "今天声音的状况好吗?" And "你唱什么歌?" So sweet of him, right?

有一点小小感动 🙊

你看爸爸的脸就知道他是很"no nonsense"的一个人.

When I was 15 years old and devoting too much time to my guitar and singing, I did really badly for my mid-year exams and I think I was placed last or second last in class.

Dad was so mad he broke my guitar back then and I was heartbroken 💔

So having his support actually means a lot to me ☺️ Hopefully I can advance a little further and make him feel proud of me.

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