Dear Dayre,

Here at Yellowbox today and somehow I just have this very different feeling about stepping in here today. 我今天能站在这是大家的努力换回来的,你们知道吗? 😊

It feels like it's my last opportunity to stand in this spot and to sing my best for everyone. I wasn't even supposed to be here today, if not for the revival and votes.

My 9am face CMI. Hahaha puffy eyes and face 😨

But yeah today I'm gonna take photos of everything for keepsake!

Today I'm gonna try not to think too much and just sing it like it is. It's really just a song I want to express. Nothing more than that 😬

It's really a very nice and professional recording studio and I'm glad I got the opportunity to sing here so many times 💕💕💕

Game face onnnnnn

Going for a simple very simple look today 😬

Every week I put on less and less makeup hahah because the producer thinks I look too mature and have too much makeup on (which I don't think is the case lor… It's just the lighting, makes me look weird 🙄)

Look who's here to hear me sing today! 😂 (Hear Me Sing….. Gedditttt)

This is Evonne and Wanli from the production crew ☺️ don't be fooled by Evonne's smiling face cos she's super fierce when in the midst of production and forever has a very stern look on her face 😂 I just love to imitate her and tease her so that she gets annoyed hahahaha!

Wanli is our writer and she writes the script for Weiliang's hosting parts as well as always providing us with funny talk so that we stay relaxed during our recording!


Really thankful to be standing here today. Everyone contributed and played a part!

With the two musicians Fatt and Seeto! Yeah, went around taking photos with/of everyone first… JUST IN CASE… Hahaha 😂

A bad photo of the two cute interns Bambby and Sherilyn! Goodness me 19 years feels like such a long time ago for me and I can't help thinking of these two as kids but they are real mature and responsible girls!

Today, we were allowed to bring guests to watch our recording in the studio and so I asked Elaine and Ben to come 💕

So glad to have their physical support there, it meant a lot to me!

If you didn't watch the "live" video streaming HMS posted on their Facebook page, it was quite funny because this bimbo @vaingloriousyou actually asked what the words "优胜者" meant 😂😂😂

The past few days in #HearMeSing has been a bit of a roller coaster ride TBH.

Getting eliminated on Wednesday night followed by a day of frantic voting and high-strung nerves.. I had a stupid dream on Wednesday night after I was eliminated and it was totally ridiculous 🙊

I actually dreamt that another blogger took my place in the competition and then they were rehearsing for the next round and SHE SANG THE SONG I CHOSE FOR NEXT ROUND AND I WAS SO UPSET 😳 and in the dream I was actually thinking "What??? If she sings my song, what's going to happen to me if I get revived??"

Woke up feeling angry in my dream 😂 Retarded much 😂

I was hanging out with these girls when the crew appeared at the Kiehl's event haha and if you watch the video, I was just super gan chiong and grinning away and talking rubbish 😂 Glad I had @evonnz @bunbunmakeuptips @tippytapp and @vaingloriousyou to accompany me too that night because the waiting was terrible 😰

We were told to share our locations for that evening from 8.30-10.30PM but had no idea if we would be the lucky ones to see the crew appear!

So right after I got the happy news that I got "revived" in the competition… You'd think I'd have some time to settle back in and rehearse and prepare for the next round but yeah less than 12 hours later we were told to report for our next recording in the morning at 9am 😂

Really 一场欢喜一场空 lol. Being eliminated and revived within two days was really tough man. Imagine that we've been going through the competition week after week and constantly fighting to stay in the competition.

It's already tough enough because the prep time for each recording has been getting shorter and shorter.

We were rehearsing on Thursday and Friday initially before recording on Saturday, after which the videos would be released on Tuesday and then voting starts and results are announce on Wednesday night.

The schedule was changed and our recordings were shifted to Friday and so for the last round, we literally had only one day to prep after the results show, before the recording on Friday.

It's made even more challenging by the fact that our song selection is limited to a song list, so I'm really singing a pretty foreign song to me most of the time, and not one of my "主打歌" that I can confidently sing with ease.

I had a lot of mixed feelings about being eliminated because it's been very mentally and physically draining the past few weeks and I wasn't sure if I had the energy or drive to carry on fighting in the competition.

(Ugh typed a whole chunk and Dayre crashed on me!!!!!)

But yeah, since I was happily revived (thanks to all your votes!!!) I really just wanted to treat this as one last opportunity on this stage/platform and try to sing my heart out.

Was stressing out over my song because although it's a song I know and I like a lot, I don't really sing it at all: did a portion of this song once for the audition (because of the limited song list remember) and then filed it away in a corner of my brain because I wouldn't have dared to pick this song for the competition 因为难度太高了.

But as seeing how I've been 咸鱼翻生 and revived from the dead I really have nothing to lose right?

I figured that even if I pick a "safe" song and sang it relatively okay, I won't make it past the next round anyway because everyone left in the competition are all very good already and my chances of getting through to Top 4 would be very slim.

After some discussion with Jim 老师 and the musicians, I decided to bite the bullet and just do it despite my reservations ✔️✔️✔️

I spent my night cramming lyrics and falling asleep with the song playing next to me, and then reported to the recording venue at 9am in the morning. The two of us revived contestants had a 45 mins rehearsal with the musicians and Jim 老师 to run through the song arrangement together.

I was super worried because I kept singing the wrong lyrics during rehearsal ughhhh.

Also, the melody of this song starts from a very low, almost speaking kind of tone, to a very high range which is very vocally challenging for me to keep my voice in the right places and stay in tune 😰😰😰

WORRIED LAH. I was sooooo worried! Worried about fumbling the lyrics (worst ever esp if you can't pick it back up where you fumbled), worried about my pitching, worried about the melody, worried about the flow, worried about the feel, everything also worried.

Really had to consciously make an effort and tell myself to STOP WORRYING and just do what I can 🙏🏻

But anyway… IT'S OVER! 🎉🎉🎉

It was decent, I guess. Didn't fumble my lyrics majorly, no choking on dry throat this time (thank God) Really tried to perform the best I could.

There was so much tension in me that when I finished my song and left the recording room, my arms were actually numb and tingling from the lack of blood circulation/oxygen in my system 😑

So so glad haha I can move on to the next stage of worrying (which is when the videos are released on StarhubGo on Tuesdays together with the judges' comments and I find out how well/badly I performed) 😬


If I somehow miraculously manage to make it through this round and get to the Top 4…. I think I'm gonna be so so so so so overwhelmed. Just getting to Top 4 to me would be a crazy ass achievement already.

Just wanted to tell you all again thank you for believing in me and thank you for supporting me with your votes (I read all the comments!! Thank you for voting with multiple email addresses, getting your family members to vote, asking your colleagues to vote…) you guys are so amazing 💕💕💕

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