Dear Dayre,

YESSSSSS finally got my ultra chui nails all prettified thanks to @jenrine at The Nail Artelier!!!!

Feels so good to see my nicely manicured and groomed fingers now 终于可以光宗耀祖了💁🏻

They were getting too obviously chui in my last HMS video so erm I thought I'd better do something about it! 😅

Rehearsal for round 4 today and tomorrow at the studio before Saturday's recording!

I'm feeling much better this week because I'm singing a song I already know 😂😂😂😂 instead of a brand new song with crazy-ass lyrics I can't remember 🙄

These are the two production assistants who have been taking good care of us during HMS! Meet Bambby and Sherilyn!

They are super young lor. Can't believe it but these two girls are TEN YEARS YOUNGER than me 🙄

我真的老了 ☹️

And how come when I was 19 I never looked like them ah they quite cute and trendy de. My 19 years old look like this only:


现在的年轻人… 真的是不一样了

My hair is at a super irritating stage now and I'm once again faced with the very superficial dilemma of…

Should I cut my hair or keep it long?

Should I cut my fringe into bangs or do a side-swept long fringe?


Such important questions I need to ask the universe every once in a while.

Random photo from a few days ago.

We went to look for durians at geylang but the quality of durians were sooooo disappointing ☹️ Can't wait for durian season I miss durian!

I'm hungry now but I'm determined not to spoil my diet today because I'm heading to Slim Couture tomorrow for weigh-in bwahaha.

Ninja Bowl is like my new craze. Gonna go back there again soon!! The tuna tataki bowl is so good!

Absolute om nom love this combination.

It has tuna tataki, asparagus, edamame, picked cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. Topped with onsen egg 😋

Salivating just thinking about it.

Second time back there with @evonnz.

Ohhhhh you need to try their Fancy French 😍

It's an absolutely delicious work of art 😋

Baked brioche with hazelnut butter and fresh figs! Drizzled with umeboshi honey.

Quite sweet but the fresh fruits help to balance it out and the toast is nice and fluffy. It looks small but feeds at least two after a Ninja Bowl! So yummy!

The gyu tama toast is also damn solid. 24 hours stewed beef cheek served with scrambled eggs over toast!

Oh mannnnn why am I doing this to myself right now 😢

Good night I shall run away from temptations!

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