Dear Dayre,

Somewhat of an obsession with shirt dresses recently as you can tell. I mean the weather is so hot?! Dress for comfort lah! Plus of course can still look chic if you wear stylish shirt dresses like the ones from #thevelvetdolls right right 😎

This particular one is super nice. Comes in a denim blue, grey and navy too 😍 I have a feeling I'll end up keeping more than one color ❤️

Really nice and simple front details and of course pocketssss ❤️

So anyway guess what guys 😬 Today was Round 5 of HMS recording (instead of tomorrow) so I can now enjoy a stress-free weekend WOOHOOOOO!!!!!

If you're wondering how my recording went today….

I made a major flub…. 😳

But it was totally unexpected lol and I seriously seriously didn't see it coming?!

I was actually a little stressed over the lyrics, especially for the verses, because they're all rather long and complicated 😖 For instance, in verse two, there's a line that goes "当我尝尽人情冷暖" FREAKING TONGUE TWISTERRR. I kept on wanting to sing "dang wo chang jin leng qing ren nuan" instead of "ren qing leng nuan" lololol.

The next thing I was stressing over was reaching the high belting notes for the chorus. I actually didn't sing the original key that 叮当 sang it in but modulated it two semi-tones lower because it's just wayyy too high to be sang comfortably, even more so under high-stress situations hahaha 😂

So yes. In the end, the verses and the choruses were all pretty okay. I felt rather confident with no stumbling over any words or notes..

Until I reached the last line of the song… "这样的要求.. 算不算…"

While I was super emoting and much feels-ing on that last line.. Suddenly, my throat was so dry I freaking CHOKED on the second "算"….. And nothing came out of my mouth. Not a single sound hahahahaha 😵😵😵

So I ended up singing… "这样的要求,算不—–"….. And as you know you have to carry on singing no matter what because it's a one-take recording…. I swallowed some saliva, kept a cool composure and ended off with the last two words "太~高~~~" and pretended nothing happened.

Lolol FML. Choke on dry throat seriously. At least I didn't choke on saliva and start coughing.

真的是无法预料到的状况. *gulps*

I actually left the recording studio feeling pretty happy today because I thought I managed to get a hold of my nerves better than usual, and on the whole didn't put up too bad a performance. (I think?!)

But you can never be too sure because hearing yourself from within the recording studio with in-ear monitors sounds completely different from the actual processed recording.

Well, it's another song/another round down so that's still reason to celebrate, regardless!

Hopefully, the judges will overlook that missing word hah. Throat didn't want to behave, I'm sorry 😩

I really enjoyed singing this song despite my initial fears about it because the lyrics of this song are just so meaningful. It speaks of the fears and frustration of personal struggles and life as well as hopes for the future, and resonated strongly with me especially at this point of time.

Over and done. Hear Me Sing Top 6!

Two of us will be eliminated on Wednesday, leaving four contestants. 😭😭 And then right after that, there will be a revival round of voting for all 12 eliminated contestants to bring two contestants back into the show.

I sure hope I'm not eliminated on Wednesday so that I don't need to fight for a slot during revival round 😖

On a completely unrelated note, can I tell you how much I've missed lash extensions?! Left my lashes bare for the past few months to let them rest and I was so happy to get a fresh set of lash extensions put on yesterday at Graceous!

My eyes just look so much prettier after lash extensions ✨👀 I always forget how much of a difference lash extensions make 😍


#Graceous is the best!

Full extensions cost $130, and first timers get 20% off if you quote my name! ^.^

Graceous Bugis is located at 26A Purvis Street (Level 3)!

For phone bookings: 6837 0552
For SMS bookings: 8799 2454


I received this earlier this week and absolutely died over how pretty the new Guerlain Pearls Carousel Summer Meteorites Collector is OMG 💕 I can't do without my Guerlain Meteorites, it's my last step to any makeup routine because of that mythical luminous glow it gives me! ✨ This special summer edition has got sunny yellow (to fight dullness), soft mauve (to catch light), fuchsia (to revive the complexion) and mini white pearls for a stunning finish! ☀️ Gorgeous, ain't it?

In case you're not acquainted with Guerlain Meteorites, it's my number one favourite illuminating powder that I use liberally all over my face to give me that nice glowy finish ✨ I have it in so many versions 😂 Compact pressed form, loose form, travel-sized etc etc and I bring it along everywhere I go even when I travel.

There'll be a special Guerlain animation happening at Tangs Orchard Promenade with lots of cool activities/promotions from 20-26 May (starts today!) so go check it out! 😍

It's so cute and pretty aiyoooooo 💕

Last but not least I just wanna say that growing out my hair is such a pain in the ass and I'm not sure if I should keep my hair long or just trim it back to above shoulder-length but I love the current new babylights in my hair and how it looks all ashy and nice!

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