Dear Dayre,

HOHOHO. I bought zees yesterday after seeing it on Instagram 😍

It's my favourite compact cushion ever, but in a limited edition case! Sulwhasoo Brightening Perfecting Cushion!

I've been using it for I think over a year already and it's legit one of my favourite cushions. Gives a very radiant and dewy brightening effect!!

I couldn't resist this case once I saw it I went like OMGGG I NEED THIS. *sucker for pretty packaging*

I consider it a worthwhile investment because for $80 (lesser with Robinsons discount if you spend over $150), you get this mad chio case as well as TWO refills inside 👍🏻

It only comes with either shade 21 or 23 tho but luckily I'm a shade 23!!

Very very pleased with my purchase especially since my Brightening Perfecting Cushion is almost finishing and I was just about to go get some refill packs.

Another round of HMS over today. I was second last to sing so I started the day at 6.30am, reached the studio at 8.30am, and only got to sing at 2pm 😭

Damn tired.

And again I was SUPER NERVOUS when my recording started. JUST can't get over the nerves why?! Apart from the studio being cold. Throat dry. Heart pounding. Fffffffffff

I love this song tho. I think I ended it pretty okay, but it wasn't easy to sing and I was a little shaky when my breathing wasn't settled at the start.

Here's my cool hairstyle today. I'm going for the feminine but edgy look 😎

And guess what we were told.

The Top 6 isn't gonna get to choose their own song for the next round so…. GG liao 😩😩😩

I'm so incredibly tired now I cannot give any f-s about it hahaha I JUST WANNA GO HOME AND SLEEEEEEPPPP

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