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Dear Dayre,

Really it must be true. I live to eat 😂
These cheese tarts from Han's are surprisingly yummy!!! 😍

I expected it to be more savoury but it's more like a mildly sweet liquidy custard texture. I didn't think I would be to be able to finish an entire tart by myself since I'm not a big cheese fan but it was perfect, not too overpowering! The crust was good too, with a biscuity texture and fragrant flavour 👌🏻

$3 a tart but there's a promotion going on now I think! Buy 5 get 1 free or something?

I haven't tried BAKE's cheese tarts but I heard the queue is insanely long.

BAKE's are $3.80 so I guess this is a slightly cheaper alternative! 😋

Just fat die me already 😂😂😂

Han's not bad hor. Also got follow trend hahaha. Their bakes are really pretty good! Cakes and pies and stuff.


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