Dear Dayre,

Awww man you guys are the best 😭😭😭 thank you so much for the words of consolation and support and of course votes!

I really don't know what the results are gonna be like later but even if I don't manage to get revived, I'll just 平常心对待!

Already very very blessed to have had this platform and opportunity to sing and improve already. 🙏🏻

Apparently, the voting ends at 8.30PM, after which they will actually go down and look for the two contestants who have been successfully revived in order to break the news with them as well as film it live. Haha very dramatic hor? Anyway I'm gonna be at an event later because I don't wanna wait around at home too it's just too much suspense for me. Better to keep myself distracted outside 😂

我也不想去想太多了, if I get back in it'll just be another opportunity for me to sing one more song. If I don't, then it's still been a whole lot of fun and I truly enjoyed the experience (despite the stress that is…) 😬

Wah sai just now the voting website crashed. Hahaha apparently got contestants msg everyone on their Facebook contact list until kena blocked on Facebook! 😂


Thank you for your votes everyone! 😭😭😭

Sorry I really want to reply everyone personally right now but I need to memorize my song lyrics before anything else!!! 🙏🏻 But please know I'm really really grateful for all of your votes and well-wishes!!

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