Dear Dayre,

Yay to new arrivals on TVD tonight! I super like this peplum dress that's gonna be avail tonight 😍

It hides fat arms and has peplum to flatter figure, win! Super good fabric similar to the one used for our Ariana off-shoulder dress which is a very popular fabric with our customers.

Classic black never goes wrong. Nice hor?

Here's something that's wearable any time! Throw on a blazer and it'll be presentable for work, or just keep it casual for the weekend.

It's super comfy and I love the fit! So nice and it has pockets!

I kept Olive for myself 😁 Cos usually I tend to keep boring colors like Navy. But this shade of Olive looks so nice that I'm gonna be adventurous for once haha

Nude is the in shade this season and it's really very classy too! I would totally pair this with a denim jacket and sneakers.

I also kept this faux sweater shirt in grey! Wear with shorts, easy for lazy days.

It also comes in black 😁 Free-size!

Yeah carrying on my fetish with bows and shirt dresses hahaha 😂

This is one of our popular designs too now in a new color! 😍

Aiko Obi Sash Blouse! The material is very thick and luxe, and it looks great with pants/pencil skirts both.

Time to shop on www.thevelvetdolls.sg!

My HMS round 2 video is up on YouTube 😟

I'm actually quite upset that I wasn't able to do a better job with this song because it's such a beautiful song..!

Really hope my voice gets into better shape soon because it's affecting my performance.. Sad that this nice song doesn't sound as good as I wished it to.

Apparently the judge scores are all very close for this week's round. That means that the votes are gonna be crucial for us to get through to the next round 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

I mean, I don't deny it. I obviously want to get as far as I can in this competition because I'm already dedicating so much time, effort and energy to it.

It has been more time-consuming than I expected but at the same time, also very rewarding and fruitful to form friendships and learn from all the talented musicians and singers on this journey.

Sigh. Tomorrow night will need to go down for the results announcement again. Having two contestants eliminated every week is really very sian man.

It's a lot tougher than it appears because as a viewer you just look at the song clips every week and judge based on those videos alone.

But however, behind the scenes, it's really very tough on the contestants due to the short turn-around time as well as other factors.

One of the reasons why you may realise that our song selection seem quite strange is because we don't just get to pick any song, but have to select from a fixed song list, and a lot of songs on the list are really very 冷门 and I've never heard of them let alone know how to sing them 😂

Our song recordings every week are done inside a recording studio in just one take, after two days of short rehearsals with the musicians and mentors.

The musicians only had two days to learn and practice 14 songs for the last round, which is not easy for them too!! 😩

As for us.. We compete on Saturday, have to submit our next song choice by Saturday night.. Submit outfit choices on Tuesday, Wait in suspense for the videos to be up, anxiously pull for votes until Wednesday evening…

Before going down for the results announcement on Wednesday night, and then starting the next rehearsal straight away on Thursday and tech run at the studio on Friday. Then compete again on Saturday.

On recording days, we are given different time slots, either in the morning or afternoon. If it's a morning slot, you need to be there by 9am and figure out a way to warm up your voice so early in the morning before stepping into the studio for your recording.

Inside the studio, we are now using IEMs (in-ear monitors) to hear the instruments because our voices are being recorded and it can't be done like a live performance where you can hear like usual.

I was having so much trouble with the sound balance from the IEMs that it really distracted me from my singing. ☹️

Also, my voice hasn't been in good form since the start of the competition and it's just not recovering fully. I cannot control my voice with ease the way I usually can which sucksssss.

On top of that, I'm trying to juggle attending as many choir rehearsals as I can afford to as well as cope with the weekly TVD launches and blogging commitments which I've been slipping up with recently because I was just too drained the last week what with the competition and gig rehearsals and all that.

My judge comments for this week (that were broadcasted) were:

太收了, 不够放
汽不稳, 音准受影响


Both of which I agree with. It's really frustrating cos I know I can do better than this!!!

Too tired now from chionging blog work earlier today and then TVD launch. I cannot I need to go sleep le 😥 Will wake up early to do more blog work tomorrow. JIAYOUUUUUUUU

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