#yinasings 林俊杰 – 不为谁而作的歌

林俊杰 – 不为谁而作的歌

原諒我這一首 不為誰而作的歌
曾經有那一刻 回頭竟然認不得
需要 從記憶再摸索 的人 和他們關心的
的地方 和那些走過的

夢為努力澆了水 愛在背後往前推
當我抬起頭才發覺 我是不是忘了誰
累到整夜不能睡 夜色哪裡都是美
一定有個人 他 躲過 避過 閃過 瞞過
他是誰 他是誰

You lucky peeps get the entire (well half a song) linked over to YouTube! 😁

I suppose this is also a good time to share that the first promo ad for HMS is out on iWeekly already I think? 😂😂😂

Spot me!! 😬😬😬

Apart from looking nekkid and having very intense eyes (SMILE, WITH YOUR EYES BIGGERRRR) I think I don't look too bad liao it could have been a lot worse! 🙊

I've been busy the past week because my little pup is sick 😭😭😭 Poor thing has been going to the vet almost every day! She's fighting a serious lung infection and it's bad for such a small little thing like her.

Glad she's slightly better though but still under close observation and she is on antibiotics and being nebulised everyday!

BWAHAHA omg got two seconds of me singing during the auditions in this newly-released trailer I don't even know what I was singing 🙄

Lunch with hubs and zee parents today. Love that I'm spending more time with them 🙆🏻

What I'm wearing. A really cute dress from Sarah B at One Raffles Place! I bought it when I was supposed to be at work for a campaign. Lol! Cos I really like it 😁 So easy to wear and really good fabric and cut!

In other news, I've decided to return to #SlimCouture for more slimming sessions!

Since I'm gonna have to be on camera for the next few weeks at least.. 😅 Try to lose some of the extra fats if possible.

The last time I ended my TCM sessions at Slim Couture, (June last year) I lost about 8++kg but I did put on around 2-3kg after my overseas trips to USA, Japan, Bangkok, Hongkong and all that!

So yeah now I'm just aiming to lose about 3kg and maintain below 50kg if possible 😂

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