Round 1, Fight!

Dear Dayre,

After the past three weeks of preparation, mentoring sessions with our two mentors, filming sessions, photoshoots and what not..

Finally, it's the first round of Hear Me Sing competition tomorrow (or rather today since its past midnight already) and I'm a bundle of nerves and anticipation.

I'm definitely worried and excited, both at the same time!!

It's quite funny how it has seemed like such a long time since I made it through to the top 16 finalists of Hear Me Sing, but round 1 is only just starting tomorrow/today!

And so begins the elimination as well, with two contestants being eliminated with every week's competition round.

What has happened during the past three weeks:

– Briefing for Top 16
– Styling sessions with the wardrobe stylist for HMS
– Meeting our mentors officially for the first time and sitting down with our song list to pick our songs for the first few rounds
– Photoshoot for official publicity and marketing materials
– Filming of profile shots and other random stuff
– Meeting the musicians and discussing our song arrangement for round 1
– Tech/Sound rehearsal at the recording studio (today)!

To be honest, all the 15 other contestants all have really great voices and are all very musically talented!

It's sad that in a competition, only one person will emerge as the winner and everyone else will get slowly eliminated along the way ☹️

No one has a sure fire chance of winning, and you'll never know who's gonna get eliminated next. (我看了太多”我是歌手"了)

A lot depends on whether you pick the right song, the music arrangement, and even your vocal condition on that day.

I definitely don't have the best 音色 amongst the 16. My voice isn't very special at all, actually. I guess I can only try my best to input as much real feel I can into my singing in order to 打动听者的心 👂

My song for tomorrow is quite a challenging one and I really hope I'm up to performing it both mentally and physically.

I think all the singing that I've been doing recently has over-strained my vocal cords and I've been sounding hoarse and raspy for a few days 😩

I'm not really comparing myself against the other contestants in that sense because like I said, everyone has got great voices and every one has got their strengths to show off.

More importantly, I just hope that I'll be able to perform/sing as well as is within my own ability to.

I hope that I'll be able to enjoy the stage and make good use of this opportunity to sing/perform on such a great platform, as well as to learn from such experienced mentors, musicians and judges.

I always find it silly how I love singing/performing so much but somehow the stage anxiety always gets in the way of allowing me to fully relax and enjoy the experience of singing on stage.

Hopefully I can face it tomorrow with a 平常心 to showcase the best of myself.

🙏🏻 I just hope not to get kicked out in the first round lah… Such a pity when the journey ahead is still so long and there's still so much experience to be gained and knowledge to be learnt!

Anyway, the results will be based on 60% Judging and 40% Voting.. So when the time comes, please please please support me and help me cast a vote? ✨✨✨

Not sure when the first show will be released online for voting, but I promise to let you all know once I find out more!


40% is quite a fair bit so every bit of support is definitely gonna mean so much.

But first I must try to score as much as I can for my 60% Judging! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Hope my voice recovers more tomorrow, man. It's so 沙哑 now I sound like there's sandpaper in my throat 🙄🙄🙄

I can still sing, it just sounds kind of raspy and throaty! 😩 Well, on the bright side, my recording time for tomorrow is in the afternoon, so I have the morning to warm up the voice more.

Please let me 过的了我自己那一关! 🙏🏻 I just want to be able to sing it well, with no tension or anxiety. I want the listener to be able to enjoy the music. Yknow what I mean?

Two hours more before reporting time for show!

Can someone invent an anti-anxiety drug hahaha is that called an anti-depressant? 😂

Made up! Gancheong sia~~~

Thank you for all the cheerleading and support!!! 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻 Still waiting to record.. Another half an hour to forty five mins I think?


I'm doneeeee with today's recording!!

Sorry I left you guys hanging: had to rush for choir rehearsal just now right after the recording ended!

How did I do ah.. Honestly I'm not sure leh 😓😓😓

I was nervous like hell and my mouth was so dry when I stepped into the recording studio!

Think I sounded quite unstable when I started 😩 Plus my voice has been scratchy and so I sort of f-ked up one of the lower notes in the second verse.


Also, anxiety tends to cause shortness of breath and I stole some breaths here and there.

I might also have sounded more tense than usual and not as relaxed as I wanted to.

But on the plus side… I think I didn't mess up any of the lyrics badly or go out of tune..?

Really don't know how it will sound like though because it sounds very different in the recording studio as opposed to from the mixing room. Because the instruments and vocals are all recorded together live, the feedback from the floor monitors is very soft and you can't really hear yourself well 😟

The recording is gonna go live on StarHub Go (mobile app) tomorrow, and then on YouTube on Monday if I'm not wrong.

Then there's 24 hours of voting from Tuesday to Wednesday!

Results will then be announced live on Wednesday night…….


At switch now to celebrate the milestone of our first recording!!

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