Random 2am thought: Just not keen to flash boobies in every photo for the sake of more likes/followers

That being said though, I suppose I'll def end up doing some cleavage flashing here and there when I'm in Fiji.. It is after all a beach holiday and inevitably I will be showing some skin, right?

But to deliberately create a feed of constant boob flashing.. Gotta say that takes a lot of effort man. Much respect.

Also, the problem with actually having boobs (and I have to admit mine aren't the perkiest) is that they are pretty obscene if you do flash them repeatedly. Not cute or sexy anymore 🙊

Not directed at anyone in particular with my statements above 👆🏻 Just some musings 😆

I'm so eggcited for Fiji now! The itinerary looks really interesting!!! With activities like shark snorkeling, cooking class, zip lining and more.. I can't wait 😍

A beach holiday sounds perfect except it's gonna probably make me three shades darker so I'm gonna spam sunblock like crazy!

Five more sleeps to Fiji! (Since it's 2am now, I'm including today)

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