Dear Dayre,

Sorry I haven't been updating regularly! I've been on snapchat though!! ^.^ Sometimes easier to update on-the-go with snapchat esp with all my random rubbish.

Nonetheless, gonna share more of my HK photos right now! I'm currently in Manila for a short press trip (landed in SG last night and flew off again the next morning, shag)

I spent my last two days in HK cafe-hopping, eating and shopping away, damn shiok!

I blogged about this very hipster place before. It's called Mum's Not Home and it's a super cool cafe/shop located in a residential apartment unit.

The owner is super nice and friendly and the entire place is so hipster it hurts. Love every nook and cranny of this place!

Even the table also so chio!? And they have very interesting stuff like Tumeric cheese cake… And other very out-of-this-world flavours.

The cafe is located at Yau Ma Tei and you can actually follow them on IG too coz sometimes they're closed. (hipster is like that one)

The cute owner even left a comment on my IG photo and he's super nice and so friendly. Love the vibes of this place!

We were there last August and he still remembered us!

Every single corner is so pretty!

Checked into our apartment at Wan Chai after Mum's Not Home and immediately scooted down to Little Bao at Sheung Wan area for dinner!

This place comes highly recommended by my sissy and some other people, and it's always very crowded I heard. We went there at around 6.15 and got ourselves two seats facing the wall 😂

The must-order Little Bao fries are so addictive. There's mirin, sambal, and I don't know what else in it.. But it's cripsy, sweet, slightly spicy and super good!

The name says it all: it's fusion burgers served in sweet Chinese baos instead of the regular burner buns!

We tried the pork belly and the beef, both were very yummy. Very strong on the flavours but the sweet white bao help to balance out the strong flavours.

I particularly enjoyed the beef one!

We ended off with one dessert each: mine is the matcha ice cream bun with condensed milk and it is da bomb!

Could have done with more condensed milk but it was really yummy, it's a slice of matcha ice cream sandwiched by two deep fried buns (imagine the deep fried mantou that comes with chilli crab) and was a lovely contrast of texture and taste that strangely blended together very well!

Entire dinner cost around 360HKD I think. Around 32SGD per pax, not too cheap but still acceptable.

Just had to snap this when we walked past Agnes b fleuriste. Too gorgeous those roses!!

During my trip this time round, we explored Sheung Wan/Central area a lot more! Which I thought was really nice coz I'm tired of the Mongkok area which is very touristy.

Our apartment is a short walk away from Kam's Roast Goose, and I really missed this place!!! The roast goose was to die for!

We went early to avoid the long queues: Kam's opens at 11.30am and we were there right on the dot and there was already a queue waiting to be let into the restaurant! Good thing we barely made it and got us seats!!

Skip the lean meat charsiew guys cos it was too dry for me. We ordered the lunch set and an additional roast goose leg on the side for 207HKD!

After roast goose: cafe-hopping! Needed to get work done so we decided we'd visit some cafes recommended by various people while I could get work done at the same time.

We went to Common Ground (also around Sheung Wan area) and I spent my afternoon there!

A pretty cup of coffee makes a pretty photo!

The food presentation is 😍

I didn't have any food so I took the opportunity to snap someone else's 😂

Just look at this beauty: his owner took an outdoor table at Common Ground and this beautiful Alaskan Malamute attracted SO many girls…! Now I know how easy it is for a guy with a good-looking dog to attract the ladies 😂

He's one handsome fella! (I mean the dog, ya)

Think we planned our day pretty well: after a few hours at Common Ground while I got work done, we headed for early dinner at Kau Kee!

This place is famous for curry beef brisket noodles and the last time YZ and I went there twice.

We also got lucky and didn't have to queue. Their lunch and dinner queues are quite ridiculous!

Love the curry beef brisket with flat egg noodles 😍 The regular beef brisket in broth is also good! Usually we will order one of each to share.

Their milk tea here is damn legit too!

We next walked over to Teak.ha, another cafe nearby! All the hipsterish cafes and spots are mostly around Sheung Wan/PMQ/Tai Ping Shan Street area, so you can consider heading there to explore a different side of Hong Kong!

I was actually working on some photos for #thevelvetdolls cos we just launched a new collection on Tuesday! 😍 There are some damn nice pieces in the collection too, friendly for work and for casual wear!

Thank goodness these cafes are nothing like the usual HK eateries where you have to eat and scram and also squeeze in the same table with strangers and all that.

The quieter cafes are much more laid-back and didn't mind you hanging out for a couple hours!

At Teak.ha tea house!

Somehow ended up at Mongkok and TST for shopping and I gave in to temptation and I bought a new bucket bag 😻 LOVE the soft leather and gold hardware, so classy! It's a lovely shade of blue as well and has very useful compartments inside.

Justifying my buy cos this cost about 300SGD even after some discounts. It's real leather though and I think I'll give this lots of mileage because I always carry bucket bags! They can fit my bulky cameras and still look compact and sleek at the same time.

Also scored a pair of gold loafers that were going at 60% off or something. Yay!!!

I love worth-while investments!

Godiva soft serve is super good (I know they have it in Singapore too but I always feel like having it more when I'm overseas~)

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