Dear Dayre,

3rd day in Hong Kong, and also the last day we got any semi-decent weather!

Wah I love the new skirt I bought from StyleNanda so much that I wore it out straight away ☺️ This street chic look seriously works on the streets of Hong Kong, not sure if I'll look strange if I wear it in Singapore instead 😂

Joelle flew over to join me the day before and we moved into our accomm at Wan Chai for the next two nights 🌟

Before we checked out tho, THIS happened! A trip to Hello Kitty Canton Cuisine aka Hello Kitty Dimsum!

Cheryl, Jerlene, Joelle and I went together as it was about a 15-20 min walk from Marco Polo Hotel!

This is Cheryl taking a photo of us but obviously only I cared about her enough to pose for the camera because everyone else was just going gaga over Kitty 😹

On the way to Hello Kitty, it started gusting like mad and even my cute little Japanese brolly got flipped inside out by the strong wind 😱

Look at this snapchat video hahaha it's utterly retarded 😂

But the windy and wet walk was very worthwhile! Lucky for us we managed to get a table without reservations (around 12.30?) thanks to the nice manager.

Everything inside was Hello Kitty themed. EVERY. SINGLE. FRIGGIN. THING.

From little bows hanging on the oriental lamps, to the Hello Kitty bow insignia embossed into the chairs, a Hello Kitty oriental pattern on the top of the wooden table, the sides of the dimsum baskets, and of course the food! Even the tea pot had a gorgeous Kitty on it.

It certainly didn't look cheap or tacky at all, but was classily done and looked really nice!

TOO cute to handle!!!

I may not look like it, but I used to love HK when I was young 😹 For my 7th or was it 8th birthday, I made all my family and friends buy Kitty-related birthday presents for me 🙊 I remember my favourite item was a pink heart-shaped musical box with a Hello Kitty on its lid that opened up to a little jewelry box!

Don't judge, ya.

Walaauuuuuuu too cute for words!!

Hello Kitty 流沙包!

As usual, I didn't have much high hopes for themed-food, but it was honestly not too bad, most of the dimsum was pretty nice! Cept for maybe the 流沙包 which wasn't flowy.

Overall it was a really fun experience and all of us enjoyed the lunch 😁 It's not ultra-pricey as well, fairly affordable.

难得有机会请给我act cute一下

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