A memorial for Phatty 🐢

Dear Dayre,

Our dear Fats passed away last night 😿

My last videos of Baby at home, our fat chihuahua who has got lots of fans among our friends and family members 😿

She's always getting exclamations from all our house visitors who can't believe how a little chihuahua can become so fat and round πŸ˜‚

I don't know how it happened too, she's a greedy little thing and got fed too much, plus she likes to steal QQ's food!

Everyone loves her because she's so cute and smiley all the time! Just seeing her wriggling about like a little fat worm makes anyone's day.

Plus, she's got the silliest expressions.

She loves to jump into bed with us, squeeze between us in bed and when our bedroom doors are closed, you'll hear a scratching on the door because she wants to come in.

Often, when you open the door, you'll see her waiting outside with her favourite fetch toy in mouth, wagging her tail and waiting for you to play fetch (her favourite game) with her.

She loves cuddling up to anyone in bed and lepaking around even if there's nothing for her to lie on (on the floor) she'll lie on anything: discarded towel, dirty clothes, even random plastic bags πŸ˜“

Phats happily sprawled on my pillow which landed up on the floor. πŸ™„

On my wedding day. Look who was lying on my gown πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I just love her bulgy eyes and cute bat ears that are tucked back sometimes and super alert and upright at other times.

We say she looks like a hybrid animal with cow spots, bat ears, and pig nose 🐷

My last photo of Baby still in her favourite lying down position 😿 She looked almost alive when I first walked into the room at the vet's but she was gone already. Her furry body was still warm though which was some consolation.. Though I know her spirit has moved on already but it still gave us some comfort to stroke her and sayang her for the last time.

Baby's claim to fame inside Club Pets magazine last year!

This is her getting a good head rub which she loves and then me removing her collar from over her head because she is too fat that her neck is thicker than the circumference of her head πŸ˜‚ How cute is that?

❀️ Being annoyed by Scruffy haha she's so laid back and she gets irritated with my other dogs who try to play with her sometimes πŸ˜‚ Baby is a human-lover who loves humans!

She doesn't bite, only barks when we come home or strangers come into the house.

She's very very good-natured and loves attention a lot. As long as you rub her tummy or give her a head rub, she'll be happy to stay there with you.

She snores in her sleep at night. Hahaha. And sometimes she farts and it's damn smelly!

This is Phatty playing fetch. She's truly adorable when she's playing fetch cos you wouldn't expect a fatty like her to be able to run πŸ˜‚ We cremated her together with this iron man toy that she loves to play fetch with and carries around in her mouth all the time.

Even on the day she collapsed, she looked for sissy Lina to play fetch with her, but only managed to pick up the toy just once before she starting panting heavily and stopped. 😞 Such a silly dog..

22 February 2016 – The day Baby passed on 😿

She was having breathing difficulties and collapsed in the afternoon, according to my dad. I'm pretty upset because it was so sudden! I was just home earlier in the day and saw this little roll of ham active and usual as always.

Lina brought her to the vet (Companion Animal Surgery) around midnight.

A bit upset at this point of time because there was no one at the reception attending to Baby at all, who was just sitting there with Lina, breathing heavily. It didn't seem life threatening yet so when the vet came out of the room and an auntie rushed up to the vet and actually ended up cutting the queue with her chihuahua who was yapping and looking sick, Lina just let the auntie cut queue! 😿

The vet finally attended to Baby around one plus and Baby was diagnosed with heart murmur. After doing the X-Ray, it showed that her lung cavities were full of fluid which was obstructing her breathing! And if we didn't do something about it straight away she wouldn't last the night.

We couldn't bear not trying to save her as the vet said that if treatment was effective and the medication (to drain fluid from her lungs) worked, our Baby could live for another few months to few years with daily medication. So we proceeded with doing a blood test, placing her in an oxygen chamber and IV medication drip before Lina left to return home.

Very sadly, not even ten minutes later, we received the call that Baby had crashed.. Her heart just stopped working when the vet was trying to remove fluid from her lungs, and her nose/mouth were gushing with fluids coming out πŸ™

All three of us were incredibly upset to hear the news and we went down to see her and sayang her for the last time while her little fat body was still warm πŸ™

The moment I woke YZ up at 2am and told him that Baby was dead, I started crying like mad already.

It was so sudden?!

And we thought that she might be saved by the vet somehow… 😭

Our roll of ham was about 4.8kg in death, still so fat and adorable and she almost looked like she was just lying down like how she always does at home.

The last video of Phatty before Lina left and then she passed on not even fifteen minutes later 😭

She still looks so cute even though she was labouring so hard to breathe ☹️

My aunt says she didn't want us to feel upset so she passed on only after noone was around with her. I'm not sure what to make of that because maybe if we were there to give her some comfort she would feel less stressed or frightened? Maybe she would be more calm and would be able to breathe better?

I guess that's something we would never know..

Dad said we should have let her die at home peacefully instead of bringing her to the vet and putting additional stress on her when she's already old and dying. I don't know but we just couldn't just let her go like that 😿

She's been with us for so many years and all our friends love her. Baby has got so many nicknames bestowed upon her by our friends and relatives. She's known as Ah Bee, Phatty, Luncheon Meat, Ham Roll, Bui Bui, etc etc….

Gonna miss Phatty lots. But I guess the good thing is that her suffering towards the end was very short. Also, she has had ten good years with us. ❀️

Now that she's gone, I keep re-playing her videos and looking at her photos, suddenly I can't get enough of this stupid, dumb, adorable dog ☹

I'm so touched that so many friends (some that have met Fats and some that's only seen photos of her legendary fat-ness) texted/commented with their love and condolences ❀️ Her memory will live on forever!

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