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Dear Dayre,

Hi gaizzzz 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

Wah shag after today's showcase at Ideally Yours wedding show!

Setting up booth is always a tedious chore. I have to dismantle our rack, pack them into a transportable format, bring a whole bunch of dresses, hangers, laptop, iPad, signage…. Bring everything to the show venue via ever trusty Uber.. All by my little self 😂

We even had our dresses showed on the runway today and I thought it was gorgeous 😍😍😍

Hehe it's funny how I had stage nerves when the emcee announced that the dresses were going on next, because I was actually off the stage in front and observing. I shouldn't have been stressed but I could feel the anticipation and anxiety building up and my heart pounding a little faster 😅

Yay to even more successful shows in future!

Also had a lovely catch up with Kewei, who's a long-time friend of YZ and I!

I had this board specially printed for shows and it's so big and nice hehe. A1 size yay! A tad inconvenient to carry around but it's a really nice addition to the booth.

Love the poster!

So pretty hor?

Thankful for @evonnz and @trishaliang who picked me up and sent me back to office and back home!

If I had to do it by myself really very shag 😵

This is a very nice song. 默,那英!

Lol I only tried the chorus. Very feels song but it's so hard to sing as well! 😩 Hahahaa it was a very random singing in PJs night 😂 Must be too long no Ktv!

In other news, I was super excited to attend YSL's new cushion launch party last night!!!

Me: number one cushion user


YSL means black 😎

All of us got our shades matched for the new YSL fusion ink cushion foundation! I'm looking forward to test it out in real life usage!

Got a photo together with @xiaxue @yutakis @ngmiyake and @evonnz too 😍


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