Dear Dayre,

This is the best old-school bakery in serangoon! They sell really good buns very yesteryear style. Hotdog buns, luncheon meat buns, none of that breadtalk fanciness but just plain good ole bread, fresh and sweet from the oven. Cheap too!

So sad they've stopped the bread production until CNY is over but I figured I'd grab a couple of their cakes since I already drove all the way here.

Their butter cakes and banana cakes are da bomb! Not too oily, not too dry, just soft and good.

Woke up at 7 to tabao food for my parents and help out at the market but I was turned away by daddy 😒

My parents run a butcher stall at Serangoon Central market you see. So CNY is their peak season and they are usually selling non-stop especially for the last few days.

Mummy called me to go down help out but when I arrived I was rudely rejected by dad. #OKCAN

反正闲着也闲着, at Esso now waiting for my turn to car wash!

$20 for car wash at Esso's. YZ's car is in atrociously filthy conditions. 我受不了了. Since I don't know when he will ever get around to bringing the car for a car wash, I have decided to take matters into my own hands.

I used to love those drive-through car washes when I was a kid! It is just so fun to sit inside the car while the white foam sprays all over the windscreen and windows.

We used to pretend it was snowing whenever we went for a car wash 😆

Like this!!!

Today is hand wash though. Not the drive through automated thing. Hahaha.

Whatever it is, a clean car is a happy car 😂

What's your favourite part of a butter cake?

Mine is definitely the chaota crust on top 🙊 It's extra tasty, extra fragrant and has such a special texture to it!

Lunch time at Kallang Old Airport Road Food Center! Suddenly got craving for lor mee and the famous Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee queue here is insaneeeeee.

Moving up the queue now yayyyy


A bowl of decadent goodness!

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