Dear Dayre,

Back in Sg and the first thing that happens to me is that I catch YZ's flu/cold/what-not, & somehow got myself a very irritated cornea at the same time 😭

This cornea hasn't ever been the same since the first time it happened 😿 It's just ultra-sensitive and the last time I wore contact lenses (1 or 2 months ago) & took them out, it hurt like a b***h!

It's quite painful this time even after trying to rest it for a night and I've booked an appt to see the eye specialist, yet again.

The runny nose and sore throat have been remedied by Clarinase so that's okay for now!

Let's see what the doctor says about this maddeningly annoying eye infliction later.

Now I'm just pathetically sniffing to myself and looking really sad with a teary eye πŸ˜‚

Just got told off by Papa Goh for not buying travel insurance so that I can claim πŸ˜‚ But aiya it was a short trip and I didn't think anything would happen? Strictly speaking this happened the day after I was back but my dad very chaokeng he say still can claim one.

Waiting to see the doctor now 😿

Verdict: Banned from wearing contact lens ever again πŸ€“

Sigh oh well I only really wore them for vanity purposes~ Guess I'll have to dispose of all the lenses I have now!

I'm more sad about… $220 down the drain just for this eye consultation!

Going to go back home and rest now after lunch with @evonnz and settling some stuff at the office.

Shall hide in my dark room cos my eye is so uber sensitive to the light now and whenever I look around I feel damn threatened by the sunlight πŸ˜‚ I can literally feel my pupil shrinking in fear 😢 Plus flu med makes me feel crap 😣 But it's better than sniffling and having my nose run non-stop!

Just woke up after a nap and my eye feels…… Exactly the same. 😟 Which is swollen and sensitive ughh.

I remember the bandage lens helping a lot with the discomfort the previous time but somehow it still feels really uncomfortable now, boohoo.

Looking on the bright side; I'm so glad this didn't happen before or during my trip/CNY! πŸ™πŸ» Gotta think positive, right?


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