Dear Dayre,

So I've been sick since Tuesday with a viral infection: sore throat into full-blown fever, runny nose, cough and all that..

And I just realized today while taking my meds for the 8th time that JENG JENGGGGG MY MEDS WERE GIVEN WRONGLY πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

Instead of a tab for flu and a tab for inflammation, I ended up with two tabs for flu, and I have been OD-ing on it for more than two days wtf 😷 Only just realized it this morning when I flipped the tabs over and realised they were the same.

No wonder I've been so damn drowsy the past two days! And had a terrible bitter taste in my throat, making everything I put in my mouth taste horrid too πŸ˜– I've been having such a bad time falling asleep and then I wake up to the most uncomfortable dry bitterness in my throat.

Went back to the clinic earlier and informed the staff (different staff from three days ago) and they unapologetically put me in the queue again for a re-consultation.


Thank goodness it's only flu meds.

It really irks me to know that I've been eating the wrong meds 😀 Double dosage aside, it also means I've been eating one less medication that's supposed to help me get well! Impeding my recovery πŸ˜‘

Anyways, the doctor (also a different doctor from Tuesday) took a look at me, checked out my condition, apologized and prescribed me a new set of meds, everything FOC. Which is the least they could do.


Good to know I'm not gonna die from OD-ing. πŸ‘πŸ»

Sick people food. AKA my favourite chai chee porridge, hubs went out specially to get it for me!

It's one of the best porridge outside me feels. From Bedok 85!

I'm actually a lot better except I still have a hacking cough, phlegm and a runny nose.

On the positive side, I think I lost 1kg from the past few days of poor appetite πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ As seeing how hard it is for me to lose weight, that's a good thing I guess πŸ™„

@missy_potts might be happy to know that I also placed my orders today for the tulle dress, maxi version, just as you were talking about it?! πŸ‘―

For the maxi version I've kept the first batch to three colors only, which I think is gonna look so good not just for bridesmaids but even for other occasions!

I picked… Wine red, midnight blue and this gorgeous shade of baby blue 😍 Almost like Tiffany blue?

But don't get too excited yet yah. Cos they won't be launched until June maybe πŸ˜…

Found a photo of myself and my furbabies in my phone. Even though Baby's not around anymore, it seems so much more natural for me to refer to her in the present tense, because she's still in my heart 🌟

Now that I'm over the initial shock and sadness, I still feel happy whenever I think of Fats and look back at her photos ❀️ She's such a dear

Ok guys it's bed time! Enjoy your weekend ok? 😘😘😘 Talk to y'all tmr!

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