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What to wear for CNY 🏮🎊✨

Dear Dayre,

Been staring at the computer non-stop since yesterday, editing shots for TVD's CNY collection tonight!

Finally done for now, phew.

I love working outside from cafes!

Good music, yummy food, and a comfy ambience. Let's not forget the air-con 😂

Today, @evonnz and I camped out at On The Table, both of us furiously trying to complete our work.

It's opened by the same folks as Lola's Cafe and I had to order their famous Honey Paprika Wings! As well as a big breakfast for myself. First meal of the day at like 2pm or something, much hunger 😂

By happy serendipity, I ended up in the West after sending YZ for some Huttons convention at NUS, and since I'm hardly ever in the west, I thought I might as well hang out abit before returning to the east!

It's really very far from the east 😂😂😂

And two of my friends have to stay in the west 😒 @evonnz @trishaliang

Half-way through work, we ordered dessert too 🙊 Double-scoop ice cream waffle at $10, reasonable price!

I'm so excited for tonight's CNY launch! Just less than three weeks away to CNY now so it's time to start shopping for the festive season 🎉

I couldn't resist the sweet florals and mandarin collar design on this simple sleeved flare dress. It's perfect for CNY 😍

It also comes in sizes S/M/L ❤️

I'm probably going to keep this dress for myself 😂 Because I'm conscious about my flabby arms and heavy bottom so it's perfect!

This is the design I posted on TVD IG on Sunday. A delicate crochet top that can be paired in many different ways.

My favourite pairing is the romantic look with a tulle skirt. Super dreamy and feminine!

A more dressed up look with a plain knee length fitted skirt gives it a completely different vibe!

Jeans or denim shorts for a more casual everyday look works too ✨

One of my staff immediately kept this gorgeous red dress for herself once she set eyes on it 😍

It's so swishy and lovely!! The skirt is a full flare skirt and it falls down very nicely.

Love the thick sash tie at the waist that can be tied in different ways. I chose to cross the sashes in front and tie a bow at the back. You can tie the bow in front too!

Plus it never hurts to be dressed up like a big fat angbao 😂😂😂 Huat!!!

One more design launching tonight: This lace culottes playsuit!

Comes with pockets to stash the ABs 😂

Can't not have a red version because it's CNY after all 😬

The red is very nice leh! It's a vibrant and deep red! Not too bright and garish.

And classic black. When in doubt, pick black because it is the most flattering all the time 😎

I saved this design for the last (I mean to intro to all the #dayreshopaholics) cos I love love love this dress!!!!!

It's super pretty la 🌟❤️🌟❤️🌟❤️

A feminine sweetheart neckline in a very thick and luxe embroidered jacquard fabric!

The skirt is particularly flouncy because it contains hard mesh in the skirt hem so it has that jellyfish flare to it.

It's so mad chio 😍

This is the most expensive item in the launch because it is super good quality fabric and workmanship!

But I personally think it's worth every penny. This kind of design buy from retail store could possibly cost $100 over dollars easily.

So no worries about what to wear on CNY liao hor, shop on TVD!

8.30PM on www.thevelvetdolls.sg! ✨


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