Let me win all the daidee pls ♠️♥️♣️♦️

Dear Dayre,

I'm ready to Huat this CNY 😂😂😂 With my Angbao nails and 发财 pusheen kitties YAY!

Seriously cannot get any. Cuter.

@jenrine hand painted these two super cute Pusheen huat kitties!!!

These are some of the nail art available at The Nail Artelier for CNY!

So basically, you pick from A or B…

And pair the nail art with a set of nails from 1 or 2…

And here's how much it will cost, on top of the base service + surcharges you're opting for! (Normal polish or gelish etc has a base cost and then this nail art cost is on top of that base cost)

Gelish base costs $60!

I made my design slightly more intricate with some scallop nail art on top of pink and gold foil! Very bling bling ✨

Ahahaha too apt for CNY 😁😁😁

Makes me happy watching my pusheen thumbs move around when I'm tapping away on my iPhone 😁

Foil nails are so nice!

You can check out more of TNA's work on IG! And also their contact details are there ☺️☺️☺️

I really buay tahan the Gudetama CNY nails.

They look so cute and annoying at the same time?!


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