Cleaning up my act

Dear Dayre,

My cutie pie QQ. She was so so so manja and cute yesterday with her tamed shaggy mane all silky soft and smelling like roses after her shower ❤️

I love her inquisitive eyes and perky expression. But she behaves more like a cat than a dog sometimes. Anti-social little thing.

She reminds me abit of Chewbacca after I watched The Force Awakens.


Since it's a brand new year (and also my room is a freaking mess) I've been doing a lot of decluttering, tidying and organizing!

I started with my wardrobe and it took the better part of a day to sort out and re-organize just my clothes. I've also decided to get rid of all the clothes I probably won't wear again.

I read a little online about the Kon-Mari Method (some crazy Japanese guru who wrote a book on how to transform your home magically by decluttering and organizing).

She says your clothes should be folded to stand like this but it doesn't work for me because I don't have drawers and dressers, just one wardrobe space.

Did the best I could and now my wardrobe looks passably neater and a lot smaller too after I pruned out all the clothes I want to sell off or give away.


The next thing I tackled was my vanity shelf.

You cannot begin to imagine the amount of beauty products I own. And even the small amount (maybe 5%) that I use and is sitting on my vanity shelf is enough to clutter up the entire shelf and give anyone a headache by looking at it.

So yesterday, I popped by MUJI and finally got some of those acrylic organizers that I've always wanted to get but 不舍得 because they're a tad pricey.

In the interest of having a neat and pleasant-looking bedroom, I decided to heck it and just buy lah!

Didn't take a before photo but I'm rather pleased with the after: I think I need another couple of those acrylic drawers because they are so awesome!

Bought a little shelf to stack up my fragrances and products to save space too, and now all my lip and eye products are sitting pretty in those acrylic drawers.

Very pleased with this simple set of drawers because everything suddenly looks SO MUCH neater and way more organized. Yay!

Nothing fancy, but it looks a whole lot neater and more pleasing to the eye now!

My skincare products are in the little sparkly holder on the left, while some of my favourite fragrances and other products look all nice and pretty on the clear acrylic shelf.

This is a dainty ceramic saucer that I bought in Japan (at Tsukiji Fish Market) to hold some of my trinkets and accessories.

My brushes are in a small IKEA pot and a Cath Kidston mug: they make pretty good holders!

Another pile of mess I shifted out from all the random boxes and bags all piled up in a corner of my room.

My MIL came in in the midst of my packing and she was quite stunned HAHAHAHAHA. It's like a hurricane swept through my room or something 😂

More beauty product stash.

I also got these larger plastic drawers from MUJI and they are perfect for storing my beauty products!

Except that I truly underestimated the amount of beauty products I own and also overestimated the drawers (they looked quite big on display at the store) and the couple of drawers that I bought aren't enough at all.

I think I need to return to MUJI to buy more!!!

This is just one drawer and I counted: it holds roughly 30 of my lip stuff now.

The bigger drawer is good for holding other beauty products like foundations, palettes and etc.

So much better than my products all stashed in random boxes and bags.


Not even halfway through organizing all the beauty products but I feel so much better already!

I feel like I'm IN CONTROL now.

I'm not a stickler for super neat and organized spaces but seeing some order in the physical environment around me makes me feel good.

I always try to ignore the messiness but I think it subconsciously gnaws at me and makes me feel stressed and unfocused mentally.

Next up, I'm also gonna start selling off my unwanted products and clothes, and I'll be listing them on Carousell.

The app has been in my phone for a long time but I never got around to using it for real.

I've got so many brand-new unused beauty products, and also clothes that are in good condition, so instead of just letting them sit around, Carousell is probably a better idea.

I think I can almost understand now how some of my crazy friends (I.e @trishaliang) actually ENJOY packing and organizing stuff.

It's strangely therapeutic, I just find that it takes so much time and energy when I could be doing other things 😂 But there is a sick sense of satisfaction in taking control and turning a messy, cluttered space into a tidy and organized one.


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