Dear Dayre,

流沙包 French toast for dinner at some cafe at SAM. The 流沙 was nice but the French toast was normal-ish. Had higher expectations because I was thinking of crispy buttery toast like After You's Shibuya Honey Toast but it was not like that 😟

It's gonna be a busy weekend with call time at 6am tomorrow morning for photoshoot!

And then I need to run off for rehearsal followed by a performance in the evening.

But I'm looking forward to the shoot!

I can't wait for CNY to arrive cos I'll be flying to BKK yay!


Before that though, it's gonna be an intense three weeks leading up to CNY.


I haven't posted about the second leg of my USA trip; after Lake Placid, we did a drive to Boston, and then ended up at New York City!

It was really very lucky for me to have Alvin doing all the driving during the trip because I basically sat behind and slept away 😂

We took a car ferry!

It's a ferry that ferries cars! 😳 To get us from Lake Placid to Vermont before carrying on our drive to Boston!

This was on the ferry! It honestly looked like a piece of detachable car park. Hardly realised it when it set sail away from the harbour!

It was my first time being on such a ferry and it was actually very cool 😁

We were damn lucky because while taking a break at a stopover at Vermont, we saw a flyer for the Ben & Jerry's factory tour!

Guess you didn't know (I didn't too) that B&Js started their very first ice cream shop in Vermont!

The ice cream that we had tasted so much better than Singapore's B&J really! A lot creamier and fresher 😍

It was a short factory tour but still quite fun! The tour only cost $4 too!

Random view at a random stopover.

Before we pulled over at a convenience store at a petrol kiosk and did the very Asian thing of pulling out our own cup noodles and cooking them using the hot water from the dispenser in the store 😂 Then sat in the car and slurped up our cup noodles!


After so many hours on the road, we finally reached a rainy Boston in the evening! And checked into our Roomorama apartment.

I was looking forward to a nice apartment to rest our feet at and a cozy bed to sleep in for the next two nights, but I didn't expect our apartment to be SOOOOO nice?!

Hello Boston!

So huge and roomy!

There was a garage as well where we could park our car, and it was in a very posh estate with security and concierge! We felt so safe and comfortable while staying at the apartment.

So shagged that we rested for a couple of hours in our apartment before heading out for late dinner..

When in Boston… Gotta whack the seafood! 😍😍😍

Through much intensive googling, I found a restaurant with half-price oysters from 9-10PM! 😍 It was a twenty minute walk from the apartment so off we went~~

Half-price means an oyster cost about $1.50 each in USD which is actually very affordable! So we spared no expense and the three of us ordered two dozen oysters HAHAHA. That's 8 oysters per pax!

I used to be so grossed out by oysters but I now love them 😍 Only the fresh briny ones that taste like the ocean 😍

Mad 爽.

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