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Dear Dayre,

Every visit to the hairdresser's always leaves me in a perplexed state of mind.

The question always is.

Should I cut my fringe or not? 😟

Fringe it

Or not.

I kind of miss having bangs..


Fickle-minded me has decided to leave the decision for another day, which means no bangs for now 😂

My new colored highlights are 50 shades of fabulous! It's hidden layers of silver and purple highlights 😍 Thank you Fiona and Salon Vim 🙆🏻

Waiting for dinner appointment at 7.30PM. Now y'all making me itchy to go back up to Vim to cut my fringe 😂

You know that feeling when you kena c**kblock (sorry so vulgar but it totally describes my current state of mind) 😂😂😂

Cos I happened to pass by OWNDAYS while walking around waiting for dinner appt and then I 心血来潮 gian to make a pair of glasses on the spot because at OWNDAYS you can collect the glasses in just 20 mins time!

Happily picked a pair I liked and waited to do the eye test. Went to the reception to make payment and then….

Sorry the lens in your degree is out-of-stock


Here's the frames I picked though.

After I gave a sad face, I get to pick up my specs. Tomorrow afternoon.

So much for 20 mins 😩

The other pair I quite liked but decided looked too teacherly.


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