Dear Dayre,

Yippee to my new glasses! 👓👓👓

They are very lightweight too and don't press against my temples which always gives me a headache after prolonged wear.

Back at home for dinner cooked by mummy dearest ❤️❤️❤️ I don't know why this silly fur-rug is so endearing lah!

She hates looking at the camera btw.

My little shaggy carpet

"No I'm just not going to look at the camera" 😒

I'm not biased: I love Fatty too but she's so heavy how to carry 😂

Happy Fatty face!

WHOOP. Starting listing on Carousell and got some offers liao! 😂

Hope I don't end up in Carouhell hahaha

Please look for me on Carousell and clear some of my stash 😂 My username is @yinagoh!


Eating non-stop. I'm so well-fed 😂

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