Dear Dayre,

I couldn't sleep well last night and gave up at 5am since I was to be up at 6am for today's shoot. Woke up, took a hot shower, and YZ drove me to pick up the flowers for today's shoot from Jasmine #hellowhiff!

I know I'm going to be a sleep-deprived zombie today.


Shooting the new colors for the tulle dresses today.

So so pretty!

Any #dayrebrides interested? 🙊

Breakfast for me at DOME cafe 😍 Thankful that I get to relax more cos my staff is on set with me today and I'm letting Nic take control of the shoot!

Upset cos we somehow missed out on one hanger of tops and didn't bring it out on location! 😭

Well shit happens, just deal with it hahaha. But we over prepared for today's shoot anyway so there's still more outfits than we will finish shooting.

Exceedingly sunny weather today halps

So cute this latte from DOME cafe!

So excited about the new colors they are really very pretty!

Another upcoming top for CNY!

Love the lilac shade!

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