100PLUS: Run for Good

I’m so proud of myself for running 3km under 30 minutes, and helping to contribute to a good cause!

When was the last time you went for a run? I used to run frequently: Almost every day, but my current hectic schedule has made it difficult to adhere to a regular running routine, which I feel really guilty about 🙁 However, I couldn’t turn down the invitation to be part of 100PLUS “Run for Good” campaign, which took place last weekend at Kallang Wave Mall!

It was a very very fun and fulfilling afternoon as we took part in the treadmill challenge to run for charity, with 100PLUS donating $10 to SportsCares for every one kilometre run by participants! 100 Plus aims at cultivating an active and healthy lifestyle for everyone through events as such! Getting to be active, replenishing lost fluids through the drink and doing good at the same time. That’s definitely a win-win situation for everyone! 

SportCares works to improve the lives of underprivileged children, youth at-risk, needy seniors, people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities and the disadvantaged in our community.

After so many months of inertia, I was mildly apprehensive about having to run, of course. But as it was for a good cause, I was determined to run as far as I could in order to help raise a little more money for charity! I was feeling pretty good when I started, but after about 20 minutes in and 2km down, I could feel myself wanting to give up, because I was so out-of-shape!

Thank goodness for all the motivation I got from the minder tracking my distance/time, he gave me a lot of support and encouragement, and I was so so glad when I completed 3km under 30 minutes!!!

For someone who hasn’t exercised for a long time, I think it was no mean feat! I felt so accomplished and proud of myself the moment I clocked in that 3 kilometre distance and stepped off the treadmill with jelly legs. Haha! Although physically, I was so tired, but mentally, I felt amazing!!! I really felt like I outdid myself and proved that anyone can do what they want to accomplish if they set their mind out to do so!

That sense of euphoria and happiness offset all of the tiredness and fatigue!

Of course, I re-energized myself with 100PLUS and gulped down a bottle of it, right after I’d successfully completed the treadmill challenge! Trust me, an ice cold 100PLUS tastes like the best thing on earth after a good run! I love it!

Did you know that 100PLUS is Singapore’s No.1 isotonic drink? 100PLUS aids in replenishing lost fluids, energy and electrolytes to combat the effects of dehydration, heat and exertion, enabling individuals to achieve peak performance in our daily active lifestyle!

Ecstatic and all too pleased with myself. It felt so good to sweat it out for a good cause!

Yippee to a goodie bag upon completion of the treadmill challenge too!! I got a free 100PLUS towel and drink, and also received a free Soleus Fitness Tracker worth $128!

So inspired to keep up with an active lifestyle and resume my regular runs, now that I have the Soleus Fitness Tracker!

With Zoe and Shengjun, who both clocked in great distances! Shengjun ran a record-breaking 6km un 30 minutes! We all had such a good time running for charity! Thank you 100PLUS, for turning my inertia into euphoria!

Stay active and healthy, everyone!

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