🍐 Woes of a Pear

Dear Dayre,

Sorry I disappeared. 😳
Crazy busy. Am flying for the States tonight for three weeks and the past week has just been busy busy and busy.

Packing in progress for my red-eye flight tonight. It's my first time to the States!

My darling Fish got married last night 😍

With my BFF (Beer friends forever) Janice! Hehe

So today I did my last minute shopping for travel essentials. Drove down all the way to Jurong, someone give me a medal.

Yes I get the car because YZ left on his family trip yesterday πŸ˜‚ Thank goodness for the car πŸ™Š

I had to go down to IMM to collect my wifi device from Visondata, so I figured I'd do my shopping there too with @evonnz.

There are so many outlet malls at IMM OMG it has been years since I stepped foot into that place!

Ended up with a couple of apparels from random outlet store at IMM, before we took the J-Walk (Ha ha ha seriously the guy who thought of that name must have though he was a genius) over to Westgate and JEM.

Got my Heat Tec inner wear from Uniqlo, and some basics from Muji!!!

And I was reminded of HOW MUCH I HATE PANTS. Because I look like shit in them πŸ˜’

You'll hardly ever see me in long pants unless they are palazzo pants or some kind of flowy-cut. I hardly even wear jeans just because I look completely terrible in them. And it really sucks 😭

It's ok to have big hips, but my hips aren't just wide, they are sort of boxy and squarish and when I wear pants, it's so ugly I can't even bring myself to step out of the changing room in most pants. #notkidding

Anyone shares the same pear-shaped woes as me? 🍐😭

I grabbed three pairs of pants (like sweatpants and jeggings) from Uniqlo to try them on and my self-esteem and confidence took a steep plummet FML.

They looked so so so so terrible on me 😩

Super sian one. And then I have tiny calves and ankles, which make me look even more disproportionate and oddly-pear shaped. In addition, I have a short torso which makes my waist less defined.

I hate my body a lot of the time.

A-line skirts and dresses and high-waisted bottoms are the best cuts for me to hide my dumpy wide hips. But sometimes I have got no choice because I have to adhere to a dress code, which is when I need to wear long pants/jeans and it's a totally shitty feeling to not be able to wear them pants and even look halfway decent in them πŸ˜’

I really envy the girls with nice figures who can carry off pants/jeans/fitted bottoms!

Hate hate hate.

I'm not supposed to wear shorts so I had to get something decently long.

Thank god I found some comfy PJ bottoms at Muji that look *NOT-TOO-BAD* on me. What a savior!!!!

Also those comfy padded tees and tank tops from Muji @evonnz is always raving about, bought a couple and I'm in love!

I even managed to pick up a pair of jeggings that looked decent.

Sorry for the ah ma look. These pants already look pretty decent on me, ok?! And they are not too expensive too! $29.90 or something like that, and there was an additional discount of 20% or something.

The tank top is of the padded variety too! Very comfy ensemble perfect for sleeping in and walking around the hotel in when I'm in the US πŸ˜‚ (No shorts allowed……….)

The only time I wear jeans is when I'm overseas. And then almost always with my Hunters which I feel help to balance out my figure by adding more bulk to my calves. And with a long top or coat that covers the top of my thighs at least.

Well if you don't have it, fake it πŸ‘πŸ»

Camel toes are also the banes of my existence. Try to pull pants higher kena camel toe. Leave it alone and after ten minutes my pants will be hanging off half my butt because they just keep sliding down πŸ™„ Seriously FML.

Ready for the airport.

Comfy Muji tee top, jeggings, fleece jacket and a scarf and outerwear in my carry-on for later.

My luggage is completely full wow.

Those winter coats are super thick! I'm not sure how I'm gonna live out of this luggage for three weeks and not have it explode.

So annoyed I couldn't find my GU beanie that I bought from Japan in September 😭😭😭

I hope I didn't forget to bring anything!!

Passport βœ”οΈ
USD βœ”οΈ
Cards βœ”οΈ
Camera, batteries, charger βœ”οΈ
Laptop βœ”οΈ
Music file and scores and uniform and shoes βœ”οΈ

Hopefully I'm adequately prepared for the winter climate. It's gonna be 0-12 deg in Washington and subzero temperatures on the mountains.

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