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Shake ’em buns at OverEasy 🍟🍔

Dear Dayre,


Loving my touched up brows. I always feel like I look more energized and sharper after doing my Erabrowlogy touch up. Been doing it for over a year and I still trust Erabelle the most to give me great-looking brows that flatter my features and face shape!

It's still quite fierce now cos it hasn't faded yet, so I put brow mascara today to lighten it up a little.

I love how defined they are now. My brows are a little sparse in front which annoys me.

Do you like my eye makeup today? I did it to match my new hair color 👻 Using the gorgeous brand new Vice 3 palette by Urban Decay!

Met my girls @evonnz and @melissackoh at OverEasy Orchard, I predict this eatery is gonna be the next big hit for brunch in town!

Good location, affordable prices, and great food, American-diner style! 😍

The beer can chicken is fantastic! 😍😍😍 It's a secret off-the-menu item, but looks like it's an open secret now 😂

I don't know how it's so tasty! Even the chicken breast portion was delicious. Somehow not dry and tough at all!

Presentation wise, it's hilarious. You literally get a chicken with a beer shoved up its ass lolol.

Apparently the beer somehow keeps the chicken moist while roasting as the beer cooks and evaporates inside the chicken!

I loved the Truffle Burger. The beef patty is really thick, and it's juicy and meaty! Nicely marinated, not too salty. Generously topped with mushrooms and cheese! 😍

OverEasy is also famed for their milkshakes, well it is an American diner concept after all! So I ordered the Smokey The Bear milkshake which is made of bananas and maple syrup and comes garnished with a strip of candied bacon 😍 which went surprisingly well!!!

The interior is damn nice! Really looks like an old-skool American diner.

I like the bar area with neon letters that say "SHAKE 'EM BUNS" hehehehe

I forgot to mention their spicy buffalo wings. They start at level 1 (wimp level) and the special ones are level 10!

It's really very spicy! Level 4 is just nice for an enjoyable eat. Level 10 is gonna need lots of water. But yes challenge your friends to take up the spicy wings at OverEasy!

Om nom nom. How to lose weight how how how

Taken by @evonnz 😘

This eyelet romper also comes in Red and White! Getting ready for year end and new year 🎉

Sharing the look I created today with UD Vice Palette!

Is this the chioest-looking ever palette or what?

Gorgeous palette of colors and the pigmentation is really good!

I used quite a few shades to create this look.

I don't always wear colors on my eyes but I actually love how they draw attention to the eyes!

It took me less than ten minutes too. Easy peasy. I love Urban Decay's eyeshadow palettes! ❤️❤️❤️

Did you know that Urban Decay now has two boutiques in Singapore? One is at Vivocity and the other is at Bugis! Their boutiques have a wider selection of products too compared to Sephora!


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