Cat and the Fiddle

Dear Dayre,

I really like Cat and the Fiddle cheese cakes. @reeniepoh first introduced them to me and ever since then I've had a special liking for their cheesecakes.

Not sure why, they are just delicious. The cream cheese is light and smooth but so luscious and delicious that you can't stop at one slice.

My favourite is the Taffy (salted caramel) one.

If you like cheesecakes, you have to order theirs! It's available online at 🌟

They kindly sent me their new Christmas flavour! "Naughty and Nice" 🍫

But I'm sharing this because I REALLY like their cheesecakes. I think more people should try them 😍 The Yuzu one is so good too!

"Naughty and Nice" is perfect for chocolate lovers because it's so intense and rich! But not jelat!

I only wished it had a regular cookie base instead of sponge cake cos I love cookie crust!

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