Dear Dayre,

Happy Single's Day!
Hahaha I'm so unsingle but I think the whole point of Single's Day is to celebrate individuality and independence! Which I fully support!!!

Any excuse to go shopping is a good excuse. $11 off your order with any SALE item! So if your sale item is $20, you only pay $9. Wuttttt only for today!!

Sort of felt like a single though on Fish's hens night! Hahahaha.

It's the first hen's night I've attended (other than my own I mean) and although I'm not a party-er or drinker, it was still good fun 😆

🍻 Also drank an abysmal amount of alcohol. I hardly drink.. But was sober. *nods*

I'm excited for Fish to join me on the married side on 5th December! Just three weeks away. Yayyyyy!

Howdy, folks! Just ended rehearsal and my sweet husband came to drive me back home ❤️❤️❤️ So loved! Here's my #nofilter selfie in case you forgot what I look like 😂

I'm really looking forward to December 🙌🏻 USAAAAAA!!!!! But before that, Thailand again this year but somewhere different!

Quite worried about coming back from USA looking like a ball of fats because I'm gonna be there for three weeks. I just need to put on 1kg a week to come back 3kg heavier. NOooooo!!!

Sissy just sent me a funny snapchat of my fatty gearing up all her fats to jump onto my sister's (platform) bed 😂 My dogs are so cute.

Back to my USA trip… I'm gonna be in Washington, then Lake Placid (skiing!!!) then Boston and finally NYC!!!

It's my very first time to the US and I'm majorly excited. The first half of my trip will be mostly performing and singing with my choir in Washington DC, before we start holidaying!

I would be so thrilled to know any recommendations you might have for any of these places! 😁 Eat/shop/play, anything. I'm so new to USA and I haven't done any research!

Making sure to cut down on my unhealthy foods intake now for the next three weeks (trying to go carbless) so that I have some allowance in USA. Everyone's been telling me that they ate burgers all day long in the US and that the portions are monstrous.

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