Dear Dayre,

谢谢你们喜欢! I found another video pre-chorus that we recorded with YZ's phone so I'm putting it here too 😘 *EDIT* uploading the whole clip to YouTube so it's not so annoying! This is the longest clip (1:18mins) though it's not the nicest take! 😩

Only linked here for Dayre-ians 😆 *还在upload~~ wifi connection 很慢*



A better (full) version next time when we can 🙏🏻 Sorry this one is kinda sucky and out of tune! Hahaha. It was one of our earlier attempts 😂

This song really grows. I love the chorus the most!

And here's what happens when…. You don't know how to sing the song. Ahahahaha 😂 Stun like vegetable.

I brought @yongzhuan to Curious Palette!

The Berry Ricotta Hotcake is really ultimate. Two of us nearly died finishing it cos we were so full!!

We had it after two main courses, so maybe that's why.

But I already anticipated the portion, which is why I didn't order any sides! The sweet potato and truffle fries at Curious Palette are legit stuff!

And the pork loin is my new favourite. I wanted to order it the last time we came but ordered the Gingered Chicken Leg Confit instead and spent my entire dinner regretting the decision because the pork loin is so damn good.

It's juicy, tender and soft. Well-marinated and accompanied with home made apple sauce and pumpkin purée! Not a big fan of raisins but they add a burst of sweet tartness to the dish.

I love the combi of savoury X sweet. I will always come back for this for sure. 😂 It's so good! I like it that it's fairly healthy too ☺️

We also ordered something that's newly launched on the menu: Foie Gras Linguine! Comes with chorizo and mushroom 😍

It's a creamy garlicky base and so so so good especially with that sinfully rich foie gras on top!

Both the foie gras linguine and pork loin are part of the dinner menu by the way, only available from 7.30PM!


PS. I always ask for an additional scoop of ice cream to go along with the Hotcake. That one scoop is not enough!

We were crazy full by the end of our meal. So glad I saved my stomach for this meal 😂

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