Dear Dayre,

New arrivals on TVD 🌟 Including this romper that I love ❤️ In three colors, no less!

Tell me you like it too 😁

Glad to inform that our favourite tulle dresses are also back in stock for those looking for it! In all four colors, Peach Pink, Mint, Sky and White! ☺️

I miss my Curious Palette pork loin! There are some foods that you'll always crave for, this is one of those 🙊 Had it three times, still not sick of it yet.

Collected my dead HDD back today from the data recovery shop 😭 The diagnosis is that the drive needle is broken. Soooo I took it back without fixing 😩 $2.5K-3.5K is too chor my heart cannot take it.

The guy at the shop was very professional though and they even printed out a photo of the problem to show me in case I wanted to bring it else where for a second opinion. So I don't think they are out to fleece me la but still, paying $2.5K to get it fixed, 算了.

Even sentimental YZ agreed that it was too expensive and he'd rather take this money to create new memories instead of trying to retrieve this 500gb worth, precious as they may be.

I'm slightly appeased by the fact that I've been blogging and keeping a lot of the important memories online on my blog and Facebook so it's not like five years of my life got wiped out just like that.


死的时候也带不走,算了 😭

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