Dear Dayre,

I love social media.

I try to keep things positive but that's not to say social media doesn't make me feel unnecessary pressure at times.

But I think it's a choice. Social media is a platform which can be used to both positive and negative ends. It's not the tool itself that is evil, but the person and intent welding the tool. You have to understand that and also be mature enough to not be sucked into it and think that the happiness of your life is just whatever it is online.

People are always lusting after fame, power and success. And seeing the numbers on social media is an easy way to quantify your measure of success in life. But it's not true.

Your self-worth isn't dictated by how many followers you have. Your happiness shouldn't be based on how many likes you got.

I'm definitely grateful that I have a (somewhat) healthy following on social media. But what truly makes my day though are the real interactions with fellow human beings and genuine friendships that I've made through social media. 🌟🌟🌟

Which is why I love social media ☺️

Truth is, most of us aren't 100% happy with ourselves and the way we are. We look at someone else and think, "If only I could be more like her! If only I could be _______ *insert [cleverer/prettier/hotter/more popular/skinnier/richer] or what not.

It's human nature, and social media amplifies all of these envy and desires.

I also don't think social media is "fake".

Everyone ultimately decides what they wish to portray of themselves online.

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