October Blues

Dear Dayre,

Sunday was fairly productive!
I've been in a bit of a slump lately. Pre and post Japan… Eye infection came right after Japan and my momentum just went "poof". 😴

It's quite strange but not dressing up and getting out of the house actually psychologically gets me down somehow? My house also isn't very conducive for working at times, so it's tough, really tough.

I walked past the cafe and saw that it looked quiet and inviting at 3pm, so I went back up, got my laptop and stuff!

High-level selfie with the Olympus OMD EM5-ii remote from phone via wifi! 😂

I keep wearing this floral romper because it's so fuss-free and easy to throw on plus flattering! Very comfortable too.

I guess sometimes it doesn't hurt to be inspired by great ambience and aesthetically pleasing surroundings! I also love working in natural daylight. 🌱🌱🌱 Calms my mind and soul.

Super enjoy doing my own thing too, alone by myself! 😬

Also made use of the cafe settings to take some shots for some of my new beauty products! 😁 Teeheeeee. Always good to be able to fully utilize a beautiful space with great natural lighting! 🙊

Guess what guys!!! I'm at Onyasen at One KM now!!! Lunch set specials start from 9.90 leh!

@goflykite @appledesu hehehehe!

Decided to go for one Wagyu ($16.90), one regular Beef ($12.90) and one Pork Collar ($9.90)!

Plus additional top up from seaweed soup (the standard one for lunch set) to a sukiyaki and golden truffle soup for additional $5 each.

Free-flow vegetables, drinks and rice!!! Wowwww!

With Joelle and YZ for lunch! @yongzhuan is very busy on the phone (as usual)

The restaurant is pretty tiny!

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