Happiness is a Gift: Merry Christmas Lancôme!

I can’t believe how quickly the year is passing, it’s just another two months before it’s my favourite time of the year: Christmas!!

My favourite part of Christmas has got to be the happy and festive mood all around, lots of meet-ups and gatherings and dinners with all of my closest friends! Let’s not forget all the exchanging of Christmas presents too, because Christmas is the season of giving, and I especially enjoy shopping for the best gifts for those dear to me! It’s truly the happiest feeling in the world to be making merry with your loved ones 🙂

Christmas came early for me this year, because I got invited to a sneak preview of what’s coming up this Christmas for one of my most loved beauty brands: Lancôme!

 Specially for this Christmas, take a break and indulge yourself in Lancôme’s iconic Advanced Génifique anti-aging facial at $120.. The best part? This $120 is fully redeemable for products! That’s equivalent to a free facial!

I headed down to Lancôme’s first stand-alone flagship store at Capitol Piazza, all ready to pamper my skin!

[ Lancôme Ma Maison at Capitol Piazza ]



La Maison Lancôme is an absolutely stunning space, and I love how opulent it is!


Such a gorgeous display of lipsticks: Any beauty lover would be mesmerised by it!


There’s a dedicated area for Lancôme’s coveted luxury skincare range: Lancôme Absolue!



And my favourite section of the store: The beautiful fragrance section that has constellations of crystals hanging down from a grand chandelier.


These little objects are actually caps in which the fragrances are enclosed in. Isn’t the whole set-up just beautiful?

A hidden door in a corner of La Maison Lancôme opens up to a secret cabin where I was led to for my Advanced Génifique Youth Activating facial treatment!


A peek into the facial room, with Lancôme’s signature customised therapy bed and ambient mood lighting that changes to suit every different facial experience!


The full range of Lancôme products used during this pampering facial treatment.. Trust me when I say this will be one of the most indulgent and luxurious facials you’ll experience!


 [ Youth Activating Facial Treatment – The Experience ]

My facial session was incredible! 

I dozed off into a comfortable nap whilst the well-trained beauty therapists used fusion massage techniques expertly not just on my face, but also on my limbs and body.. The expert touch of the therapist was so soothing and comfortable that it didn’t take more than a few minutes for me to fully relax and fall asleep! Soothing music and the dim, ambient mood lighting really helped me unwind and fully immerse myself in the entire multi-sensorial experience.

All of my favourite products from the Advanced Genifique and Visionnaire ranges were used during the facial, and I was gently roused after the 90-minute long session to that feeling of remarkable well-being, and velvety soft skin!


I felt like I didn’t even need much makeup because of the amazing post-facial glow! Not just my skin, even my tired body and soul felt rejuvenated and rested from the session.


Of course, Lancôme is famed for their makeovers: at just $120 per person or $180 for two people! It’s all fully redeemable in products once again, which is so worth-while.


You don’t have to worry, as Lancôme’s informative and helpful boutique manager, Elyse, at Lancôme will be more than happy to recommend the best products and shades for you!


Though my skin already looked so good even without makeup that, I couldn’t help but to put on some lipstick and mascara! 😉 

[ Youth Activating Facial Treatment + Holiday Makeover Promotion ]

In case you didn’t catch what I mentioned earlier, these special promotions are available for this holiday season, at Lancôme’s Christmas Atrium at Paragon, from 29 October to 4 November 2015! 

In fact, you can already register online for the Youth Activating Facial Treatment at $120 per pax (fully redeemable for Lancome products) or Holiday Makeover at the Paragon Atrium for $120 per pax or $180 for 2 people (fully redeemable for Lancome products), and get yourself an early bird gift worth $103 too too if you sign up before 20 October 2359h!

[ Christmas Atrium at Paragon, 29 Oct – 4 Nov ]

Lancôme has so much to offer this Christmas, you really need to go check it out! I always look forward to Lancome’s super value-for-money Christmas sets and limited edition palettes!! *hearts*

I fell in love with Lancôme’s special Christmas Palette: La Palette 29, Faubourg Saint Honoré, Limited Edition Smoky Eyes and Ombré Lips that has yet to be launched.. Both the packaging and the colors inside were so stunning!

The shades are so beautiful! I love the champagne, gold, and mauve purple tones, perfect for dressing up my eyes this Christmas!

There are also two lip colors and a lip balm/primer, protected by a flap cover which I find are very thoughtful elements to help protect the lip colors from getting contaminated by the eyeshadow pigments by accident!

And this is the ultimate Christmas gift set that I know I would LOVE to receive! The Ô Beauty Box Set that’s worth $588, but will only cost $118 with minimum spend of $130! 

With so much going on this Christmas, I know it’s gonna be a splendid one! Don’t forget to register early at http://www.lancomesg.com/happy-holidays  for the Youth Activating Facial Treatment / Holiday Makeover, you’ll get a 4-pc Early Bird Set worth $103 when you register before 20 October 2359hrs!

The one value that encapsulates the essence of Christmas and makes this celebration so memorable is happiness, and I can’t wait to celebrate a magical and happy Christmas this season with all my loved ones!


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